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WBB: Wheat Belly: 90% science . . .

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Posted: 11/17/2011 12:00:00 PM
Edited: 4/30/2022 8:49:18 AM (2)

Sourced from: Infinite Health Blog, by Dr. Davis, originally posted on the Wheat Belly Blog: 2011-11-17

Wheat Belly: 90% science . . .

I found this tale of wheat-free success on the Amazon UK website, posted by a J.E. Garrett.

It caught my eye because some critics of the Wheat Belly message have tried to dismiss it as nothing more than “another low-carb diet.” Mr. Garrett highlights the unique addictive and appetite-stimulating effects of wheat that make it stand apart from other foods and other carbohydrates. Going wheat-free reduces a carbohydrate source in diet, yes, but it also dramatically reduces desire for other carbohydrates.

Factor into the discussion that most modern adults have burned out pancreatic function from a lifetime of wheat and carbohydrate indulgence and, to fully undo the carbohydrate intolerance, many people have to go farther than wheat elimination if their goal is maximal weight loss and full unraveling of metabolic messes. But, even if you choose to do nothing but eliminate wheat, you have taken the biggest and most important step.

9/10th science 1/10th recipes, this is NOT a diet book
This is not a diet book, its a revolution with justifiable cause, in the guise of a book. This is NOT a get rich quick fad diet, it is an easy to read scientific explanation of how the human body reacts to wheat and high carbohydrate foods, but especially Wheat as we know it today, the genetically modified stuff that has gone from 4 foot tall waving amber fields to a stubby 2 foot tall hybridised, radiated and chemically altered something. By the way its also addictive, fully chemically addictive, you as a wheat eating, bread eater, whether wholemeal, organic, or white, pies pastries, pasta or noodle are an addict, a junkie, as bad as a smoker giving up his weed, you don’t want to give up wheat, the thought of giving up wheat gives you goose bumps and you reach for that slice of cake or a piece of toast to comfort yourself. I can attest to the addiction, having had horrible withdrawal symptoms for 5 days when I stopped using wheat.

As well as being addictive it also causes terrible spikes in your blood sugar followed two hours later by terrible lows. You have wheat, toast, or cereal for breakfast, two hours later your addiction AND your blood sugar are screaming for more, so you grab a coffee and a cake, two hours later you are feeling tired and sluggish and really, really feel like a bagette or a burger (again addiction and low blood sugar) with strong coffee to get your brain back in order. By 2 or 3 pm, you are ready for your bed, so you grab a mars bar or another cake and eat at your desk, yet another blood spike and addiction reaction. By dinner time you have already eaten an extra 400 to 800 calories and still haven’t had your biggest meal of the day. Its no wonder we are all seeing more and more pot bellies. 30 years ago it was the rare fat young adults that got stared at in the high street, now it’s the rare slim ones who get stared at, because be honest, how many wheat belly’s have you seen today flopping over the tops of jeans just walking around town.

I bought this book after stumbling on it with a mention from a friend of a friend on Facebook. After reading it I gave up wheat immediately and eased off on all other grains. I am clinically obese, and have been piling on weight for 25 years. All through those years I have been ‘high grain low fat’ and exercised regularly as recommended by my doctors my dietician, my weight watchers counsellors (7 in all) and my slimming world coaches (6 of them) and even strangers in the street, look where its gotten me, fat and unhealthy. This book has thrown all their ‘advice’ in the bin, turned it completely on its head. But, look now, day 11 and 9lbs down, I can hear you scoff from this distance “yeh, but any diet will give you an initial weight loss”, My normal reply to that is “no ‘normal’ diet will give that kind of weight loss when you are eating bacon and fried eggs for breakfast, steaks and chips for dinner, kebab for supper, and as many nuts and full fat cheese, cream, butter and yoghurt as you like”.

I am losing weight because I am no longer addicted to wheat, my calorie intake has dropped dramatically because I no longer crave wheat. I am now controlling my carb levels so I no longer have sugar lows where I just HAVE to have something to eat. I no longer ‘prowl’ the kitchen, opening cupboard doors and the fridge, looking for something that’s ‘guilt free’ or low calorie/ low fat to eat only two hours after eating a full meal. I am no longer HUNGRY between meals, no longer snacking and I feel GREAT!

If any of these descriptions ring a bell, or you just want to shift that spare tire or improve your health, read the first chapter or two on ‘look see’ and buy the book.

If you want to scoff, please do the decent thing and buy the book, read it AND do the eating plan for a month before slagging this book off.

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