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WBB: Can you say “gliadin”? Megan’s story

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Posted: 10/15/2011 12:00:00 PM
Edited: 4/29/2022 10:05:43 PM (2)

Sourced from: Infinite Health Blog, by Dr. Davis, originally posted on the Wheat Belly Blog: 2011-10-15

Can you say “gliadin”? Megan’s story

Here’s what Megan posted in the comments of the Wheat Belly Blog post, Quick and Dirty, a tale of being released from the appetite bonds of wheat:

Two weeks ago, I started eliminating wheat and ordered the book. If I had read this list that day, I would have been defeated before I started. I would have thought Wheat Belly as nearly impossible … too dramatic a change for someone like me, 150 pounds overweight, very picky eater since birth (don’t like nuts, don’t like many vegetables), little hope of ever changing my eating habits. Luckily, I didn’t see this list [the Quick and Dirty list] at the time. I focused on giving up the major foods with a lot of wheat — bread, pasta, desserts, pizza, fried foods, soups and other foods that obviously have wheat as a thickener. I didn’t worry TOO much about foods with trace amounts of wheat, because I’m not allergic (meaning I don’t fret if I can’t recall every code word for wheat when I’m at the store, or if a restaurant doesn’t know if their vinaigrette has wheat or not).

I’m not even close to being a success story, but I have reaped some fast, dramatic results just from taking that first step. And I want other people like me to understand that the first step doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Think of it as the first rung on a ladder. The top of the ladder may seem far away right now, but you have all those rungs to help you get there. The effort it takes to go from rung to rung isn’t very hard. It’s very doable.

The biggest surprise has been the decreased appetite and the change in what I want to eat. Two weeks ago, I would never have believed that I wouldn’t crave cookies and pasta and pizza, or that I could EVER resist those cravings. Now, after such a little amount of time, I can walk past a tray of bagels or cupcakes at work and sincerely not want them very much. It’s much easier to resist after just a week or two. It’s amazing how much my mindset and my appetite have changed in just two weeks, after 20 years of having the worst diet you can imagine. I like almonds now. I don’t love them, but I can eat them, and I snack on them every day. That alone gives me a jolt of motivation to see what else I might like now. It makes me open – even excited – to trying other things.

The other changes that have kept me motivated include some weight loss (starting to see a waist, after just two weeks), much more energy and no major energy dips throughout the day, better mood and concentration at work (getting a lot more done), much smaller appetite, better sleep, less joint pain when I wake up (lately, my hands have been so sore in the morning, like I had clenched them all night), ability to exercise (which only adds to my momentum). I’m sharper and more energetic, and I’ve just made the most minimal Wheat Belly change.

I couldn’t have done it without this blog. It has helped keep me focused during the workday. The first few days, when I really wanted to cheat, I came here, read the comments, etc., and it kept me intrigued enough to stick with it. At first, it wasn’t just a day-by-day struggle. It was a meal-by-meal struggle, and this blog helped me get through it. So thank you, Dr. Davis, and everyone else who comments here every day. The robust, engaged conversation is extremely helpful.

I have a long way to go, but at least I have hope and motivation now. I wouldn’t have believed that to be possible two weeks ago. If you’re like me, then please give yourself a chance to some short-term results. Don’t be scared by this list. Take it meal by meal, make whatever changes you can, and see how you feel in a week or so. I think you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can become a different person.

Isn’t that wonderful? Many people like Megan experience something that can only be described as a life transformation. A future in which she did not come to this realization would have been filled with progressive weight gain, continuing struggles with appetite impulses and self-blame, arthritis, diabetes, etc.

Instead, I see a future of achieving ideal weight, no joint pains, freedom from impulsive eating and indulgence, and great overall health.

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