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WBB: Lettuce Wrap like PF Changs from Kelly the Kitchen Kop

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Posted: 9/27/2011 12:00:00 PM
Edited: 7/4/2022 8:34:29 AM (4)

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2011-09-27
on the Wheat Belly Blog, sourced from and currently found at: Infinite Health Blog.
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Lettuce Wrap like PF Changs from Kelly the Kitchen Kop

Kelly of Kelly the Kitchen Kop blog fame, generously provided this recipe for Wheat Belly Blog readers. Kelly prides herself on providing “politically incorrect” nutrition information, a line of thinking perfectly in sync with the Wheat Belly approach! (Kelly’s blog is packed full of unique recipes, for anyone looking for more.)

Terri’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps
My sister, Terri, is also watching her carbs and the other day she asked if I knew of a good chicken lettuce wrap recipe similar to P.F. Chang’s. We looked online and were shocked that the one we both thought sounded really good had super high carbs – pretty surprising for a lettuce wrap! So she went to work and came up with this tasty recipe instead which has MUCH fewer carbs. She said, “Tell your readers that they may be ordering those chicken wraps at P.F. Chang’s thinking that they’re being ‘good’, but they’re really not.”

Kelly Kitchen Kop-ChangsChickenLettuceWraps

4 oz. cooked chicken (preferably pasture-raised chicken), cut up small
Celery-about 2 ribs, chopped small
4 green onion, chopped small
½ can sliced water chestnuts, chopped
8 crispy almonds, chopped
Crushed red pepper to taste
2 T fermented soy sauce (or tamari sauce, if exceptionally gluten-sensitive)
1 T balsamic glaze

I also added some organic sesame oil.

Cook everything on the stove until hot. To serve, place 2-3 T. of mixture in a cold romaine leaf or red leaf lettuce. Makes about 7 wraps.

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