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WBB: Tell your story on Woman’s World!

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Posted: 11/22/2021 4:58:42 PM
Edited: 11/22/2021 5:00:17 PM (1)

Sourced from: Wheat Belly Blog, by Dr. Davis, original posting date there: 2021-11-22

Note: this is an open article on the WB Blog, so you can respond here or there.

Tell your story on Woman’s World!

screeenshot of a W.W. page

Are you a woman over 50 years old who:

1) Has engaged Dr. Davis’ programs (Wheat Belly, Undoctored) and enjoyed substantial improvements in health?

2) Has engaged in adding Dr. Davis’ L. reuteri and other yogurts and experienced health benefits such as smoother skin with reduced wrinkles?

3) And have lost 75+ pounds?

If so, Woman’s World magazine wants to tell your story!

If you fit this description, please post a comment and a brief summary and I will private message you if we can use your story.