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WBB: Wheat Watch: Twizzlers

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Posted: 7/24/2011 12:00:00 PM
Edited: 4/29/2022 7:41:04 PM (3)

Sourced from: Infinite Health Blog, by Dr. Davis, originally posted on the Wheat Belly Blog: 2011-07-24

Wheat Watch: Twizzlers

twisted red sugar & wheat confections
(replacement image — original lost)

The popular red licorice Twizzlers lists “enriched wheat flour” as the second ingredient after corn syrup–yes, Twizzlers are essentially sweetened bread.

Twizzlers are therefore, like all wheat-containing products, a source of the wheat protein, gliadin. Gliadin is degraded to morphine-binding compounds, the so-called exorphins, that provoke auditory hallucinations in schizophrenics, behavioral outbursts in children with autism and ADHD, the “up” phase of bipolar illness, and stimulates appetite. This explains why people don’t say “I had one Twizzler.” Instead they say “I ate the whole bag of Twizzlers.

Wheat makes you want more wheat. Wheat makes you want more of everything else. Wheat stimulates appetite and creates a desire for, on average, 400 calories more per day. Say toodaloo to wheat and calorie intake drops 400 calories per day–with less hunger, less cravings, no more 90-120 minute cycles of hunger and satiety.

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Bob Niland

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Posted: 10/23/2021 6:20:43 PM
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