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Pandemic of Cholesterol/Statin Disinformation Rages On

Member Forum >> Coronary Disease & Cholesterol Protocol >> Pandemic of Cholesterol/Statin Disinformation Rages On


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Posted: 8/31/2021 3:27:39 PM
To All:

I came across this gem on the major charitable heart health resource website Heart UK

"The best treatment for LP(a) is to reduce the cholesterol burden of the particle with a statin which will shrink the particle size."

Where is the scientific support for this statement?  Multiple studies suggest that stains, as a class, neither increase LDL Particle size nor decrease Small LDL Particle concentration.  

LDL particle size: an important drug target?

Statins Do Not Decrease Small, Dense Low-Density Lipoprotein

Even if true, shrinking LDL Particle size is exactly the OPPOSITE of what you want to do!

In short, while statins may reduce total LDL cholesterol, they are NOT a good treatment for reducing Small LDL Particles.  This may explain why statins have such a weak ability to reduce atherosclerosis given the current thinking that it is the Small LDL Particle sub-fraction of total cholesterol that is the most atherogenic.  Fortunately, many of the strategies employed in the Undoctored Program are effective at reducing Small LDL Particles!

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