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Organizing idea

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Posted: 2/27/2009 3:43:09 PM
I think I mentioned this chart idea awhile ago and I finally worked on it a little bit, thought I would see what you think. 

The  "causes" of plaque go down the left side and the "treatments" go across the top.  From some of the articles on the TYP website I got information about what things to use for what and the relative efficacy.  I entered those as numbers (this part needs a review, of course). 

The idea is that folks could then enter their number 1, number 2, etc. problem.  The table would then sort (it's actually in excel, not word) and show them what it was most important to do.  I've got it sorted for my particular problems.  If you could sort the columns by the numbers that would put your key treatments in the upper left quadrant, which would be cool.  I don't know how to do that. 

The other thing you could do is make the "causes" and the "treatments" link to a table of articles to read on that topic.  For example, the Lp(a) link would take you to a table/list of articles on that topic. 

See what you think.


    Statins Niacin Fish Oil Monounsaturated fatty acids Vitamin D Thyroid supplements Flax seed Oat bran Almonds Estrogen Wine Weight loss Exercise Diet
What is your problem? Rank                            
Lp(a) 1 Can increase 1         3   3 2        
Vitamin D deficiency 2         1                  
Hypothyroid 3           1                
LDL   1                          
Triglicerides   4   1                   2 3
Low HDL     4 3 1             5   2  
High particle count   1                          



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Posted: 2/27/2009 7:02:12 PM
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