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WBB: Flash in the Pan Fad Diet?

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Posted: 11/27/2011 12:00:00 PM
Edited: 4/30/2022 8:52:05 AM (3)

Sourced from: Infinite Health Blog, by Dr. Davis, originally posted on the Wheat Belly Blog: 2011-11-27

Flash in the Pan Fad Diet?

Wheat Belly Blog reader, Boundless, left this wonderfully detailed comment on his/her thoughts on how the Wheat Belly message might be handled by various agencies and media. (This is a repost, since we lost the posts of the last 48 hours. The IT people say it is a technical difficulty, not a hack. We are taking additional precautions, nonetheless.)

Let’s sum up the high points of the Wheat Belly message:
1. The most common ingredient in current food is a prompt poison for 1% of the population, and a relentless stealth saboteur for the other 99%.
2. Even ignoring wheat, current dietary dogma is materially mistaken and must be radically reconsidered.
3. If people change their diet, the need for medical attention and drugs will plummet.
4. It’s going to become much more challenging to feed the world.

So who wants to deliver this message to you, and when?

Your doctor?
… is not going to wake up until the New England Journal of Medicine has a cover story entitled “EVERYTHING WE KNEW IS WRONG.” You can see that this might take some time.

Let’s consider organizations (including the FDA). Organizations tend to act like organisms. Over time, the top priority of the organization becomes preservation and advancement of the organization, mission statement notwithstanding. Keep that in mind.

Eyewitless News?
Alleged news shows, sites and publications are already having Dr. Davis appear, but he tends to get sandwiched between the Fleeting Food Fright of the Week, and the Flash In the Pan Fad Diet of the Month. Because these “news” sources also tend to be agenda-, entertainment- or advertiser-driven, the public is not apt to credit his appearance, nor learn about sound bites from these soundbites.

Your Health Club?
What percent of the members are just there to work off the wheat? Advising members to step away from the grains could be financial suicide.

The AAA (American Affliction Association)?
The American Diabetic/Dietetic/Heart/Etc Associations are all on record endorsing “healthy whole grains” with no footnotes about wheat except maybe for celiacs. If they wake up to wheat, the subtext message is going to be: “We today admit that we have zero credibility, but we have some important news, so pay attention.” Again, not soon.

The AMA (and other medical societies)?
Associations like the AMA are consensus based, and rarely react quickly to emergent truths. How many thousand years did it take the physicians guilds to admit that perhaps bloodletting wasn’t the wisest therapy for the majority of ailments? First, do no harm? Well, maybe someday. Meanwhile, look to the rogue doctors.

The CDC?
If it isn’t contagious, or doesn’t kill you quickly, the Centers for Disease Control are probably not interested. Expect no news here.

Actual Mission Statement: “We provide leadership on food, agriculture, natural resources, and related issues based on sound public policy, the best available science, and efficient management.” Notice that “public policy” (i.e. politics, esp. lobbying) takes priority over “science”. Expect grain wagon circling here, and not actual leadership. The U.S. Department of Lobbyists, excuse me, I mean Agriculture’s food pyramid scheme, always a political lightning rod, will be revised only after the majority of the population aren’t eating grains anyway.

The DEA?
If you were to isolate the addictive components of wheat, and sell it as a recreational substance, I’m confident that the crack agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration would carefully set down their donuts and whistle up some warrants for “dynamic entries” at the wrong addresses. Not before.

The FDA?
If wheat were marketed as a drug, it wouldn’t be. It would fail the required safety testing and not be approved by the FDA for sale. If wheat were marketed as a food supplement, it would already be banned (like ephedra* is), based on the enormous library of adverse wheat reactions already documented. The FDA is waiting for the horse to leave the barn. They will then call a press conference to brag about closing the door.

* Ephedra’s main problem is that it’s actually effective.

The Surgeon General?
Just maybe. Unofficial SG subtitle: “Usually the Last to Admit Knowing”. Based on the About_OSG Page, the top prority is overseeing 6500 PHS employees. The office is a political appointment and beholden to the Senate. Getting re-appointed means not saying anything controversial. The present OSG initiative on childhood diabetes advocates a healthy diet based on the USDL pyramid scheme. However, if the SG doesn’t care about another term, they can make surprising statements (e.g. Koop, Elder), and the current General does appear to have a wheat belly …

Frankly, expect the agencies, administrations, associations and societies to remain in denial, then rush to the front of the parade some years from now, millions of lives, and billions of dollars, too late.

In the meantime, this is a grass roots effort. Don’t eat the grass seeds.

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