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Unexpected Benefit of L Reuteri Yogurt

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Bill Hart

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Posted: 12/6/2020 1:42:08 PM
Edited: 12/7/2020 6:15:28 PM (5)
In October we started making & eating 1/2 L. Reuteri yogurt per day.

About two weeks ago I told my wife my nails were growing like crazy, and I was having to trim them all the time.  As L. Reuteri increases collagen production, I wasn’t surprised.  But there’s more. 

As soon as I said that to my wife, I realized that I’ve stopped biting and picking my nails without even trying to or thinking about it. I wonder if this benefit is from L. Reuteri increasing oxytocin levels?

I have chewed on my nails since I was a child (I’m 58), typically when I’m stressed, stressed at work, etc., without even thinking about it.  I tried numerous times to stop all to no avail.

As you can imagine, my nails have always looked terrible, but no more!

Has anyone ever heard of this side effect?