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Updates to Member Profile and Private Messages

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Posted: 10/7/2020 9:08:11 AM
Multiple upgrades and enhancements have been made to the Member Profile page and Private Messages.

1. Member Profile information has never been visible to the public (i.e. non-Members).  To avoid confusion on what Member Profile info is visible the Member Profile options text was change from “Private” to “Private (only I can see it)” and “Public” to “Open (other Members can see it)."

2. The "Personal Description" field has been restored to the Member Profile page.

3. Added a button to allow Members to view their Profile as other Members will.  The button is to the right of the “Country” field.

4. The "Open" Profile page  (what other Members see) has been reformatted to make it more mobile-friendly.

5. A "Private Messages" (PM) field has been added the Open Profile page.  If a Member accepts Private Messages a link will display to send the viewed Member a Private Message.  If not, a message indicating "Member does not accept Private Messages" will display.

6. A larger and more visible warning message appears on the Send Private Message page alerting Members attempting to send a Private Message if their own Private Message option has been turned off in their Notification Settings.  If your Private Messages are turned off you cannot receive reply messages. 

7. The Private Message option default has been changed from “off” to “on.”  All new Members will have their Private Message option defaulted to “on.”  This change does not affect current Members.

On an unrelated note, the “Search by Author” dropdown on the old Forum Search is now limited to only Members who have actually posted something instead of all Members who ever existed.  It’s much faster now.

That’s it for now.  Post any questions or concerns here.



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Posted: 3/5/2021 6:47:58 AM
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