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42-Day, Daily Guidance Emails Online

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Posted: 8/13/2020 11:34:47 AM
Edited: 8/13/2020 11:49:53 AM (1)
At Member request, the 42-Day, Daily Guidance Emails (30 emails spread over  a 42-day period) have been copied to separate web pages so Members can access them any day, out of sequence if needed, and at their own pace.

Previously, the emails were started only upon initial sign-up.  If existing Members wanted to start the emails they could  only do so by clicking the "Restart from day 1" option under the "Daily Email Guidance" heading on the "Notification Settings tab" of their "My Account" page and emails could only be restarted from Day 1.

The emails can now be accessed under the "First 42 Days Guidance Emails" heading on the "Core Program" tab of the Member Home Page.