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Question about what supplements my husband can take given kidney issues

Member Forum >> General Discussion >> Question about what supplements my husband can take given kidney issues


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Posted: 7/23/2020 6:54:17 PM
Hi - I’m new here. I’m been doing WB for a bit under 2 weeks (it’s my second go round) and I’m feeling great and in it for the long haul. My husband is a type 2 diabetic with 1 functional kidney (congenital) that is around 85%. He had kidney stones years ago that did some damage. He’s also had his gallbladder removed. He is not following WB with me yet, but he loves the dinners I’m making and he mostly, but not consistently, eats low carb, but not grain or sugar free. His diabetes is under control, but with medication and the doctor has him on a statin. He use to not need medications. 

My current question is what supplements can he take that I’m taking? I know a probiotic would be okay, and he’s taking a weekly large dose D, given by the doctor. I’m wondering about the other supplements: Magnesium, Iodine, Fish Oil, Zinc?  I feel so much better on the supplements, but I know there is concern when giving him medications, because he processes things more slowly because of the 1 kidney. I’d like to get him on the supplements and more wholly on the program. He only needs to lose about 20 pounds, but I feel like his diabetes would go down naturally (where it use to be) and he could get off these other medications, most of which she says (doctor) are prophylactic since his "numbers" are borderline in some areas.

Thank you