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How to deal with the pain of dieoff from SIBO/SIFO protocol

Member Forum >> Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) >> How to deal with the pain of dieoff from SIBO/SIFO protocol


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Posted: 7/15/2020 1:52:02 PM
Does anyone have any help with how to deal with the pain during the SIBO/SIFO protocol?  I havn’t slept  more than 2 hrs at a time in 3 weeks.  I can barely pull the velcro strips on my shoes and have to use two hands to hold my coffee cup in the morning! Every joint and muscle in my body is hurting and I know I am going to have to repeat this protocol.  I am 75, have been doing Wheatbelly for 6 years, but fell into more of a Keto diet the last 3 yrs using honey, coconut sugar, and organic cane sugar.  I did the 10 day Detox in May 2020 and have been very good about compliant sugars since then.  I have only one auto immune (Granuloma Annulare-looks like ringworm!) but an MRI 3 years ago after a mini stroke showed white vessel disease in my brain.  So I am doing SIBO/SIFO to try to stay out of Dementia.

I did 2 weeks of CandiBactin BR & AR  each (2) in A and (2) in PM -  I also took 1000mg NAC and 700mg Curcumin both in the AM & PM.  Prebiotic smoothie for breakfast.  I stopped making and eating Reuteri. No Probiotics.
Mid Day was 1 Cucumin 700mg
After 14 days, I stopped the Candibactins and kept taking the NAC AM&PM.  Started a high quality dietary use essential oil program of 6 drops in a T of Coconut oil  Morning, mid day and evening.  I cycle Cinnamon Bark, Oregano and Clove Bud
In addition to the oils I take 700mg Curcumin 3x/day
I am taking a 150 Billion live culture, 40 strain probiotic every night right before bed along with 1/2 Cup Shirota "not yogurt" 
I am taking the full course of supplements recommended for Wheatbelly.
I received my AIRE device right at the end of the 1st two weeks and to my dismay blew a 10! Readings now are low in the AM but if I add 1 scoop of powered Inulin to my coffee, 30 min later I blow a 10!  

Any ideas to help with the pain?  I’ve been taking (2) 650 Tylenol twice a day - it helps but not enough to sleep at night.  The pain wakes me up.  I’m beginning to feel very old and tired. I am a member of the Inner Circle.