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Posted: 5/25/2020 7:25:02 PM
Edited: 5/25/2020 7:26:50 PM (2)
With all of the aches and pains associated with sibo/sifo detox has anyone incorporated THC, strained (sativa/indica) or pure crystal to mitigate the aches and pains associated with sibo/sifo detox?  If yes, please detail.


CB1 (neuro) and CB2 (immune) receptors are all through our brain, organs, spinal fluid and GI tract.

The GI has predominately CB2 receptors.  CB2 has a role in G protein synthesis, which has a role in DNA replication. 

We also know that CBD is an antagonist that results in inverse agonism, making it neutral, yet delivering a significant anti inflammatory  effect at the CB2 receptor site.

Seems to me both THC and CBD may have a place at the treatment of SIBO and SIFO as long as you can stay away from the brownies.