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Member Health Data Graphs Update

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Posted: 5/23/2020 5:28:12 PM
Edited: 5/23/2020 5:28:37 PM (1)
A Member recently reported loss of data in the Health Data entry and graphing functions found in the Member Account section.  No data was lost but it did reveal a source of confusion related to reading data on the graphs

When you display your data using anything other than a one month time period, your data is averaged by each week (for the 2 and 3 month time period selections) or by each month (for the 6 Month, 1 Year, and All Time time period selections).  The averaging is done because with more than 30 days of data the graph can become so squeezed and cluttered it is difficult (if not impossible) to read.  
Previously, the date shown on the x-axis for the averaged data was the earliest date that data was entered in that week or month.  Additionally, there was no x-axis label that explained this was an averaged value or that the date displayed was for the earliest date in that week or month data was entered.  This seemed to create a hodge-podge of dates and values that was uneven in spacing and did not seem to correspond to any values entered on the dates displayed.  Now, we still average the data, but the date shown on the x-axis is either the first day of the week or the first day of the month for all data in that week of month.  We also added titling to the x-axis to notify you of the averaging and dating used.
For example, suppose you enter the following weight data:

5/26/20: 154 lbs
5/28/20: 150 lbs

Previously, if selecting the 2-month time period for display, this would have reported an average of 152 lbs on 5/26/20 as 5/26/20 was the earliest date in that week data was entered.  This could be confusing since no data for 5/28/20 is displayed (it was averaged in with 5/26/20) and the 152 lbs value does not correspond to the data actually entered on 5/26/20.

Now, this would be reported on the graph as 152  lbs on 5/24/20 (the first day of that week) and the x-axis is labeled "Average Value for Week of (Starting Date Sunday)"



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Posted: 5/23/2020 9:34:51 PM
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