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Kelp and Iodine content

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Posted: 4/29/2020 10:07:35 PM
I’ve been using granulated iodine for many years. I use it like a spice; whenever I sprinkle salt and pepper (alone or with other spices) on a food, like eggs, hamburgers, etc., I also sprinkle on the kelp. I also sprinkle the kelp, as well as dulse, another seaweed, on my salads. Is that a bad way to get iodine? I had never looked it up before tonight; the NIH Office of Dietary Supplements fact sheet on iodine says that kelp is highly variable in the amount of iodine it contains: 16 - 2,984 mcg per a one gram sheet. I usually sprinkle on well more than a gram when I use it on my cooked foods, 2 or 3 g. Is this something I should not be doing because I don’t know the iodine content? Does the iodine content degrade over time, especially if it’s in granulated form? If I begin an iodine supplement, should I discontinue using kelp? Not sure what to do. I haven’t done any kind of testing. Thanks for any ideas.

Bob Niland

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Posted: 4/29/2020 10:18:16 PM
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