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SIBO/SIFO Protocol

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Posted: 4/22/2020 2:34:36 PM
So I just want to double-check my understanding of the SIBO and SIFO protocols.  I’ve already done one "round" of SIBO and I do not think I did it totally correct.  I took 1 candibactin AR with each meal, 2 candibaction BRs with breakfast and dinner, however, I only took 1 NAC a day and 1 curcumin a day.  If I understood the video correctly, I need to up the NAC and curcumin to 2 a day - I’ll take with breakfast and dinner.  I do all of this for two weeks with no pre- or probiotics.  Correct?

Now for SIFO I start out with 2 drops of either cinnamon, clove, lemongrass, or oregano in 1 T of good oil (olive oil for me).  Sounds horrible to me, but I’ll do it.  I only do one of those oils for 2-3 days and add another oil, starting out the same way.  Now I take the oil(s) 2-3 times per day - correct?  How do I know if I should take it 3x a day - by the die off I have?  I do the SIFO for four weeks and I can do it at the same time as the SIBO protocol - again correct?  The two weeks I am not doing the SIBO protocol I can try prebiotics again, and add probiotics back in.  Am I understanding everything correctly? 

Thank you all in advance for your help!


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Posted: 4/23/2020 6:15:01 AM
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