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Change in Forum Reply Behavior

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Posted: 4/8/2020 10:08:09 PM
Edited: 4/8/2020 10:09:42 PM (2)
To All:

For some time there has been dissatisfaction over the behavior experienced when posting a reply.  In the past, Members saw a "Reply Success" page and had to click a "Return" link to return to the the top of the topic page and then needed to scroll down to the bottom of the topic page to view their reply.

A fix was attempted previously which worked erratically so we reinstated the original behavior.  Recently, a small change was implemented that returns Members directly to their reply at the bottom of the topic page after clicking the Return link instead of the top of the topic page.  This improvement appears to be stable.

We have now implemented the second part of the upgrade that eliminates the Success display and need to click a Return link altogether.  Members are immediately redirected to their reply at the bottom of the topic page upon successful reply submission.

Please note any irregularities here should this attempt at upgrading functionality become unstable.

If things work out, we can extend this functionality to other Forum operations where desired and applicable.



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Posted: 5/28/2020 6:05:49 AM
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Bless you!! This is so welcome. I really need to read through all the recent Announcements more often. Don’t catch them in the Recent Topics often enough. Thank you!