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New Quick Question Feature Launching Soon

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Posted: 4/1/2020 9:28:51 PM
Edited: 4/4/2020 4:26:19 PM (3)
To All:

A new feature called "Quick Questions" will be launched in the next 48 hours.  It will be accessed via a button labeled "Ask a Question" on the non-Member Home Page and a link labeled "Quick Question>" directly beneath the "Inner Circle Discussions" header on the Member Home Page (i.e. the list of new Forum posts).  Like the Forum Social View, the intent is to further simply and "demystify" the Forum for those who may still be intimidated by forums in general.  It also provides a method for non-Members to become acquainted with our community (more on that later).  Here are the basics of operation.

1. Clicking the aforementioned button or link will open the Quick Question window.

2. Quick Questions must be all text up to a limit of 250 characters.  The characters remaining before the limit is reached are displayed at right below the Question text box and are label "Remaining:."

3. Non-Members must enter their reply email address.  This field is auto-filled for Members but can be edited to reflect an alternate e-mail address. 

4. Non-Members must enter a "First Name" and select a "Question Type" (Health, Membership, or Other).  For logged in Members these two fields are not needed and therefore not displayed.

5. Users click the "Submit Question" button to submit their question. Submitted questions are sent to a new Inner Circle forum titled "Quick Questions" in the "Special Forums" category.

6. Quick Question Forum reply notifications to non-Members are always to the email address provided.  Reply notifications to Members are per their Forum Reply Notification settings (i.e Private Message, Email, or both). 

7. Keep in mind Guests (and Members who are not logged in) will have replies over 250 characters replaced with a notice that you must log in to view the reply.  Therefore, keep replies under 250 characters if you wish the non-Member Guest who posted the topic to be able to read your reply.  Of course, if you want to hide your reply from Guests simply make certain it is over 250 characters.

8. Quick Question posts behave for the most part like any other Forum post with a few exceptions.  Posts from non-Members will only appear on the Inner Circle Discussions list if the Question Type selected is "Health" whereas ALL Member Quick Question posts will appear on the list.  NOTE: If non-Member Quick Questions of type "Health" become bothersome they will also be removed from the list and will only be visible in the Quick Questions forum.

Let me know if there are any questions or "bugs" uncovered.