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Posted: 2/1/2020 9:05:49 PM
Edited: 2/2/2020 8:41:53 AM (3)

To All:

Members will notice several new site upgrades consistent with the January 20th, 2020 announcement.

1. Member Home Page is no longer "burdened" with the large Meetup graphic.  It has been removed.

2. There is now a direct link to the Forum ("Forum Full View") directly beneath the "INNER CIRCLE DISCUSSIONS" header.

3. There is also a new link ("Forum Social View") directly beneath the "INNER CIRCLE DISCUSSIONS" header. This opens a page that displays the Forum in a format similar to other social media sites like Facebook.  It sorts topics with the most recent replies at the top in descending date order with the three most recent replies listed below.  Topics and replies are vertically condensed to make allow rapid scrolling but can be expanded to view the entire post.  You can provide rapid, text-only replies but must create new topics and full-format replies in the "Full Forum View."

4. The Meetups page has been reorganized using tabs to divide the content into logical categories of "Join a Meetup" (a list of Meetups currently in progress), "Schedule a Meetup" (a tool to create and view scheduled Meetups), Start a Meetup" (a tool to start an "on the fly" Meetup), and "Meetup Help" (instructions on joining, scheduling, and starting Meetups).

5. A new banner has been added to both the Member and non-Member Home Pages directly beneath the main menu.  The banner announces the next scheduled Meetup with Dr. Davis and converts to an announcement with a link to the meeting once it begins.  This should simply understanding of when the next Dr. Davis Meetup is scheduled and then joining it once it is in progress.  All in progress Meetups will continue to b displayed at the top of the "INNER CIRCLE DISCUSSIONS" list.

6. The Forum "Recommend" and "Ignore" features have been duplicated in the "Account" area under the "Notifications" menu item.

7. A new menu item "Content Preferences" has been added to the "Accounts" menu.  It consists of a series of slider controls that allow Members to rate their preferences for categories of future site content.  0=No Opinion, 1=Low Importance, 10=High Importance.