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Magnesium Malate vs. Magnesium Bicarbonate

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Posted: 1/22/2020 4:42:34 PM

I noticed that Patrick Theut uses Magnesium Malate.  I am just wondering, since he’s been with Dr. Davis program for so many years, why isn’t he drinking the Mg Water?  

How much more absorbable is the Mg Water vs. Magnesium Malate?  I think I recall Patrick saying he ingests 1000mg of Magnesium Malate?  That’s about twice of what Dr. Davis recommends with Mg Water.  Does he take twice as much since it isn’t as absorbable?

The reason I ask all this is my brother is now baby-stepping his way through the Undoctored Program.  He’s eliminated grains and sugar and is limiting carbs.  He’s checking 25 D Hydroxy levels and supplementing with Vitamin D.   He has yet to do the other elements of the program, and I think Mg Water is next on the list.. because everyone is deficient.  His systolic blood pressure is high still at around 145.  (But better than it was a couple months ago at 170.). I am thinking the Mg Water might help with his blood pressure.

Anyways, it’d probably be easier to get him to take the Magnesium Malate vs. making the water.  He’s really busy guy and to be honest it is a bit of work to make the water every day and then remember to drink 16 to 24 oz of it per day.   Maybe he might not like the taste and make it a primary source of his drinking water I dunno. I could ask him.. But I don’t want to complicate things too much for him at once.. thinking maybe a 500mg magnesium malate pill might help to start?  To keep things simple?