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Wheat Belly Secrets to Weight Loss Course - What Is Justification for $149 Cost?

Member Forum >> Help Desk >> Wheat Belly Secrets to Weight Loss Course - What Is Justification for $149 Cost?


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Posted: 8/4/2019 2:30:09 PM
I am a new member to the Undoctored Inner Circle and I have to admit to some confusion and disappointment.  I recently got an email about the  “Wheat Belly Secrets to Weight Loss” course with 5 modules being offered by Dr. Davis at a cost of $149.  It was a promoted as a “deep dive” into the program to improve health and also lose weight.  I am especially interested in the health aspects and I bought the course today.

I assumed that there would be significant content in this course that is unique and not repeated elsewhere, so I spent the $149.  I thought a “module” would consist of 10 or 15 parts with specific step-by-step guidance on what to do regarding not only diet changes, but supplements to take (and avoid) and medical tests to take and avoid and exercise recommendations.  I thought there would be significant written content to support the course - maybe even homework assignments for participants.  I also hoped that there would be a dedicated area where course participants could post questions and get individualized answers.  That’s what an online “course” means to me. 

I have only viewed the first module, which was very disappointing, as it is only a roughly 15 minute video which contains information that Dr. Davis has stated numerous times, and, more to the point, is freely available on YouTube and in his blogs. The “additional resources” are just three one page sheets about being diabetic, a couple of recipes and some other very basic information - all of it posted for free elsewhere.  The other 4 “modules” that I haven’t yet seen are videos of various relatively short lengths, but I now doubt that they will contain anything that hasn’t already been (freely) stated before, especially since the “additional resources” are the same three sheets of paper shown in the first module. 

I have really been a fan of Dr. Davis.  I have been gluten-free since reading Wheat Belly in 2012 and low-carb and grain-free since 2017.  I have read Wheat Belly, the Wheat Belly recipe book, Wheat Belly Total Health, bought many products from the Wheat-Free Marketplace, and engaged in Wheat Belly detox, with terrific results.  I have also conducted my own extensive research about pursuing more healthy alternatives to the SAD diet so prevalent in America.  Up to this point, I have found the information presented by Dr. Davis to be enormously helpful and valuable, and a public service, since so much of it is free.  That’s why the first module of the course was so very disappointing - there seemed to be no value added at all.

Why should people spend $149 on this “course?”  What does this course offer that justifies the $149 price tag?  At this point, I am wondering if I just wasted $149 (and how to get a refund)...Please advise.  Thank you.


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Posted: 8/13/2019 9:37:22 PM
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