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Discussion Thread: Stack the Odds of T2D Reversal

Member Forum >> Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes Protocol >> Discussion Thread: Stack the Odds of T2D Reversal


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Posted: 2/10/2019 3:28:35 PM

This is a forum copy of the transcript for the Dr. Davis video at:
Undoctored Blog: Stack the odds in favor of reversing type 2 diabetes
Wheat Belly Blog: Stack the odds in favor of reversing type 2 diabetes

Comments about this specific video are welcome on this thread. For why this is here, and comments about transcripts generally, see this revised Reply in an earlier transcript thread.

Stack the odds in favor of reversing type 2 diabetes


Let’s talk about how you can stack the odds in favor of a full reversal of Type II diabetes. You know what, about 90% of people, who have Type II diabetes — even if they’ve had it for 5 years, 10 years, or longer, can become confidently non-diabetic, or at the very least, minimally diabetic. Sometimes a person remains on a drug like metformin — but off insulin — off those other nasty drugs (because those are the people who have done some damage to their pancreatic beta cells that produce insulin). But most of you who are Type II diabetic, can become non-diabetic.

Now it starts with diet. It starts with a severe restriction in carbohydrates. You can call it the Wheat Belly diet. You can call it a ketogenic diet. You can call it paleo, or low carb, etc. But the key here is this: cut back, or eliminate, most of the sources of carbs. In the Wheat Belly lifestyle we eliminate, completely, all sources of grains and sugars, and we cap our net carbs. But can you go even further? Yes.

That approach does work, but is not always sufficient to become fully non-diabetic. What can you do to stack the odds further of not having Type II diabetes?

Well, address all the factors in your health that influence your body’s response to insulin; your insulin sensitivity. That’s what we do in the Wheat Belly Total Health and Undoctored programs.

Screen text: Vitamin D
We restore vitamin D, which helps restore insulin sensitivity.

Screen text: Magnesium
We supplement magnesium, preferably with our magnesium water, the best way to take advantage of the all the benefits of magnesium, including restoration of insulin sensitivity.

Screen text: Omega-3 fatty acids EPA+DHA
We take fish oil. It doesn’t directly improve insulin sensitivity, but it reduces the flood of digestive byproducts after a meal, and thereby allows insulin to do its job.

Screen text: Cultivate bowel flora
We cultivate healthy bowel flora, because getting rid of dysbiotic, or disrupted bowel flora, correcting small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, correcting intestinal fungal overgrowth — all our efforts to cultivate healthier bowel flora also help restore insulin sensitivity.

In other words, all the things we do in the Wheat Belly Total Health and Undoctored programs are intended to maximize your hopes of reducing insulin resistance as far as possible.

Start with diet: powerful.

Go farther, though. Address all the factors that influence your body’s response to insulin, and you will stack the odds in your favor of kissing your diabetes goodbye.