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Daphne’s L-reuteri coconut milk yogurt UPDATED-no muss, no fuss, NOT vegan

Inner Circle Member Forum >> Recipes >> Daphne’s L-reuteri coconut milk yogurt UPDATED-no muss, no fuss, NOT vegan

Dan and Daphne

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Posted: 7/14/2018 10:04:18 AM
Edited: 9/24/2018 3:41:54 PM (1)

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I am reproducing Daphne’s recipe for coconut milk yogurt that she reports is thick and tasty:(Daphne is editing this post as of 9/24/18) 

2.5 liters Aroy-D coconut cream in tetra pack
1 T. inulin 
2 to 4 T. tapioca starch or unmodified potato starch
21 grams of gelatin or 3 envelopes of Knox unflavored gelatin
150 grams Coconut Milk Powder (Z Natural Foods brand or Native Forest) from Amazon
2 T. maple syrup
10 BioGaia Gastrus tablets or 1/2 C starter reserved from previous batch or some of both!

OK, after 3 months of making this yogurt I have a better method figured out and it is much easier and faster (except for the incubation time)!
You will need a stick blender or a regular blender to completely homogenize the coconut milk powder, starch, inulin and gelatin into the liquid coconut milk. This recipe is tailored to the amount that 2 adults and 3 dogs can consume in a week or slightly less. Feel free to reduce or increase ingredients as you wish. I initially experimented with canned coconut milk. It didn’t taste like the yummy coconut yogurt I could buy at the store - Coyo brand. So I found Aroy-D tetra pack coconut milk and didn’t look back <smile>. I highly recommend you try it too. It does NOT separate in the carton so when you pour it into your yogurt making pot it is creamy and homogenized - and doesn’t taste like a can.
I use brown glass wide mouth quart Mason jars during incubation and after for refrigeration. A long time ago I read  that light can destroy some of the B-vitamins, thus the dark colored jars to protect those microscopic, energetic B-vitamin making L-reuteri bacilli that thrive at 100 to 118 degrees F.

Get out your yogurt making pot. Mine is a Faber ware 4 quart stock pot. Pour the Aroy-D coconut cream into the pot.
Sprinkle the gelatin over the top to soften while you open/weigh the powdered coconut milk and get out the inulin, tapioca or potato starch and maple syrup or whatever "sugar" you are going to add, as per Dr. Davis. Recall that there is no milk sugar or lactose in coconut milk, so you need to provide some sort of sugar for the L-reuteri to consume. I assume that the tapioca or potato starch and inulin also serve this purpose. I have made this recipe without inulin, btw. 

Now put the inulin, tapioca or potato starch, maple syrup, and coconut milk powder into your pot on top of the other 2 ingredients (coconut cream and gelatin) and stick blend to homogenize. If you have a blender, you can use it.
Key thing here is the get your ingredients well mixed. No lumps please. (The coconut milk powder is always lumpy when it is added, but it quickly dissolves as it is blended.)

Turn on the heat under the pot and bring to 120 F while stirring. Check with your probe thermometer while stirring.
The gelatin and other powders will dissolve and you should be looking at smooth creamy liquid. Turn off the heat and stir to cool to about 108. Inoculate with starter and stick blend again to insure that you have a homogenous mixture. Remember it is possible to kill the starter if you do not carefully monitor the temperature before you add it.

Pour into your glass culturing jars and cap. I use BPA free plastic lids. I also leave about an inch of room in the top of each jar. The quantity in this recipe will fill 3 quart jars and one pint jar. Or you can fill 4 quart jars about 3/4 full. 

Incubate for 30 hours (or your preferred length of time). The last time I made this, I put it in my ice chest with seed starter mat in bottom (an $18.00 purchase on Amazon) at about 9AM and took the jars out at 3PM the next day. When you remove the jars from the incubator the yogurt will have separated. Let the jars sit on your counter for about an hour to come to room temperature. Then before you refrigerate, open each jar and gently stir the contents with a spoon or spatula that can reach all the way to the bottom of the jar. The contents of the jar will be thin and bubbly - especially just after you take it out of the incubator. Again, cool to room temp, open and stir gently and then refrigerate until completely cool. The morning after I put these jars into the frig, I opened one of them and turned it upside down. The yogurt did NOT come out. It had not re-separated. The evening before when I tested, the yogurt was still not quite as thick as it had become the next morning. This yogurt is ready to eat right out of the jar. The yogurt I was making by cooking to 180 F (if you read my previous recipe) was rock solid in the jar and had to be pried out to be stick blended. 

I realized that the tetrapack coconut cream had been flash heated to preserve it before the package was closed. Also, the other ingredients are sterile or sterile enough so that it is not necessary to cook the base to such a high temperature. Sorry it took me 3 months to experiment and figure this out. Hope you guys will give this recipe a shot. 
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Posted: 12/1/2018 3:14:11 PM
Thank you. 



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Posted: 3/25/2019 7:45:20 PM
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