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high Bilrubin, A/G ratio, suspected hemangiomas

Inner Circle Member Forum >> Fatty Liver Disease Protocol >> high Bilrubin, A/G ratio, suspected hemangiomas


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Posted: 1/29/2018 8:56:55 PM
Edited: 1/30/2018 11:09:44 AM (3)
My Bilirubin has consistently been >= 1.3 mg/dl since I got a stent (and started DAPT (Ticagrelor 90mg, Aspirin 81mg)) in early November. The reference range is <=1.2 mg/dl. Before stenting, it was always <1 mg/dl.
Last week, my A/G ratio was also above the reference range:

Finally, if it is relevant, here is the report of my liver ultrasound from ~2 months ago:
"1.4 cm oval hyperechoic mass in the left hepatic lobe and adjacent 1.3 cm hyperechoic mass, possibly representing hemangiomas. However, further clarification can be obtained with MRI of the abdomen with and without contrast.
Minimal to mild hepatic steatosis."

Should I worry about these findings (elevated Bilirubin, A/G ratio, suspected hemangiomas)? Do they indicate some dysfunction in my body? More history of my blood tests can be found here .
I would be grateful for any information/advice/opinion.

(Sometimes I find it difficult to control bleeding, e.g. nosebleeds, dry lips, but I guess that is expected on DAPT).