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Transcript: Am I Too Skinny?

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Posted: 8/28/2017 11:36:51 AM
Edited: 10/23/2017 11:24:48 AM (5)

This is a forum copy of the transcript for the video at:
Wheat Belly Blog: Am I Too Skinny?

For why this is here, see this revised Reply in an earlier transcript thread.


It’s a question I hear with some regularity in the Wheat Belly lifestyle; that is, “Am I too skinny?”

Well, first of all let’s decide whether or not you are too skinny. So, recall that you live, we all live, in the midst of the world’s worst epidemic of obesity and being overweight. So, if you’re comparing yourself to other people, you might look skinny, but you really might just be normal. It’s just the background, the context’s occurring in. Take a look at some old pictures; from 50 60 70 years ago, or some old movies, and you might find that you’re actually the normal one.

So first of all try to shake off this current perspective of a flagrant obese and overweight, and see if you really are too skinny in the Wheat Belly lifestyle. Note that we never restrict calories, nor fat. Have more food. Have more fat. It’s fine. And that can put a stop to any further weight loss, in case you worry about you losing too much weight.

Another strategy to consider is rebuilding muscle. If you have lost weight, note that much of weight loss is muscle mass. About 30% of weight loss is muscle mass. You can rebuild that muscle and regain some of it, and having lots of muscles actually good for you, not like a bodybuilder type of muscle, but normal quantities of muscle like you had when you were 25 years old or so.

Then helps you maintain balance, insulin resistance, keeps your blood sugar controlled and has lots of other health benefits. So rebuilding muscle can be helpful. You don’t have to hang out at the gym for hours every week. Just 15-20 minutes, twice a week, is more than enough. You may have to gain some familiarity with the equipment, but you can get a lot of benefit just by rebuilding muscle, and it can put a stop that notion that you’re too skinny.

So it’s unheard of that if you continue this lifestyle we buy less off that you’ll disappear into a pile of dust. This doesn’t happen. The vast majority people just stabilize at something close to an ideal weight. But if you think a little bit too skinny, just follow some of these ideas and put a stop to it. You can be very happy with the way you look and you feel

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