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Program for Rural Areas

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Posted: 10/8/2008 9:00:21 AM
I live in a rural area of Mississippi.  Not everyone has access to the Internet.  Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc. are a tremendous problem here.  A good way to expand this Track Your Plaque program would be to develop a DVD that would explain the basics and reasoning of TYP, and also explain the importance of heart scans, use of supplements, etc.  This DVD program could then be presented in communities in different ways and forums.  For instance, our church has just installed an overhead projector such as used in schools ideal for presenting a DVD program such as this.  The best model for this I can think of is how Dave Ramsey has expanded his message of Financial Peace.  I believe that TYP is a great resource for everyone, and I also know that the people around here are in great need of this information.  Another idea is to develop a DVD presentation for doctors and phamacists who are not familiar with this way of attacking these health problems. I know only ONE doctor who is, and he is 80 miles from here. The introduction of TYP to the people does not do much good if their doctor will not go along with it, as most people will not go against a doctor or phamacist with whom they they have a close relationship.  I urge you to consider these ideas, and develop a program to introduce these ideas to people who will never hear of them otherwise.

Dr. Davis

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Posted: 10/8/2008 6:49:37 PM
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