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Wheat Belly Total Health: the PBS Videos

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Bob Niland

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Posted: 3/16/2016 2:04:53 PM
Edited: 12/13/2021 5:51:38 PM (6)
Wheat Belly Total Health: the PBS Videos

Wheat Belly Total Health: the PBS Videos

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Wheat Belly Total Health
Single DVD
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Wheat Belly Collection
DVD set
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Edition: 2021-12-13

Because this is frequently asked about on the Wheat Belly Blog:
In 2014, prior to the publication of Wheat Belly Total Health, Dr. Davis recorded a series of videos for public television. The main video in this series “Wheat Belly Total Health” is periodically aired by PBS stations. The other videos may also be, but I haven’t studied enough PBS schedules to be sure.

To catch any on TV, check the website schedule for your station. These specials are typically run outside of prime time hours (and commonly during pledge drives). PBS stations rarely publish programming schedules for non-prime programming periods more than two weeks in advance, but if they plan to run any in the next two weeks, you may find it.

You may have no PBS stations within range, or may wish to watch the show on your own schedule, or may want all of the videos. A single DVD and a DVD set were produced and can sometimes be found. They were apparently produced for use as pledge premiums, and can be had from several PBS stations, although perhaps only during pledge drives. They also turn up on used media sites and eBay (which is where I obtained the samples shown in this article).

Despite having UPC and ISBN barcodes, these discs are not (so far) offered on any other web stores, such as, or ISBN information is provided below primarily for the benefit of search engines. This page may be more information on these titles than you will find anywhere else. The price codes on the Collection and its discs may only be for tax valuation purposes.

So what might you expect to pay for them?

PBS stations appear to be asking as follows for pledge pricing:
US$60.00 for just the single DVD
$120.00 for the single DVD plus the Total Health book
$240.00 for a bundle of all DVDs plus multiple books
These amounts may be tax-deductible in part.

The used media market is strictly a supply and demand situation. These discs have started to show up on Amazon, “new” and used. They can also be found on eBay. At any time, there appears to be only a 50% chance that either DVD product will have an active listing on eBay. You can use eBay’s Advanced Search, including completed listings, to see what auctions and Buy-It-Now (BIN) listings have closed at in the last 15 days. I bought the copies shown here as BINs, and paid $25 for the single DVD (still in shrink wrap) and $40 for the Collection (used), with free shipping (First Class Parcel) on both.

People also ask: …any chance this show will be available on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon soon?

The official answer is that nobody knows. The rights to the show are probably held by Georgia Public Broadcasting. Do regionally-produced PBS shows ever end up on commercial streamers? (I don’t know) Are such shows ever streamed by any PBS affiliates? (again I don’t know). It is also possible that PBS might at some point just sell the DVDs outright, but likely at prices not much lower than as premiums.

permalink to NTSC Important Format Information

The discs are 16:9 widescreen, are region-free, but are clearly “NTSC”. What does all this mean?

The video format on the disc is 720×480 pixels. If you have an older 4:3 “Academy ratio” TV, and not a widescreen TV, you’ll have to watch the show in “letterbox” (black bars above and below image).

There is no Region statement on any of the packaging or on the DVDs themselves. My PC media player software reports that they are mastered for region codes 1,2,3,4,5,6. This means they are region-free, so if your player can handle “NTSC” DVDs, it won’t refuse to play them due to DRM.

There is an NTSC icon on the DVD set. The single disc is silent on this. “NTSC” is misleading for digital video, but implies that the video format of the disc is intended for use with TVs descended from the former 525 lines 60 Hz analog NTSC-M standard. If you live in a former PAL or SECAM region, or possibly in a 50 Hz power region, you may need at least a multi-standard DVD player, and perhaps a multi-standard TV.

permalink to single Wheat Belly Total Health single DVD

This disc includes the original show, a joint production of Georgia Public Broadcasting and Rodale. The main show runs 60 minutes. There are also two un-aired supplementary videos, totaling another 40 minutes, on 11 frequently asked questions, and a short Q&A session with the studio audience.

This disc has one audio stream (English) which is at least stereo. The disc is close-captioned, also English only.

Wheat Belly Total Health media detail
ISBN: 978-1-62336-542-4 (90000 means:
ISBN Price Code: 90000 no price)
UPC: (none)
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WBTH Case Front
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WBTH Case Rear
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WBTH Disc Face


permalink to set Wheat Belly DVD Collection

Note: This set does not include the Wheat Belly Total Health presentation, nor anything else from disc above.

The videos in this Collection were produced by Hay House, but are apparently only available through PBS. They include:

  • What If I Lost the Wheat But Didn’t Lose the Weight
    36 minutes
  • Grain-Free Shopping and Eating Guide
    55 minutes
  • The Wheat Belly Revolution
    60 minutes
    A discussion with Dr. Davis and the late Dr. Wayne Dyer
    See also: (WB Blog) (IC PCM)

These discs have one audio stream (English) which is at least stereo. The discs are close-captioned, also English only.


Wheat Belly DVD Collection slipcase detail
ISBN: 978-1-4019-4795-8
ISBN Price Code: 54599 (US$45.99)
UPC: 6 56629 00876 9
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WBDC Slipcase Front
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WBDC Slipcase Rear


What if I Lost the Wheat But Didn’t Lose the Weight
(DLTW) DVD media detail
ISBN: 978-1-4019-4796-5
ISBN Price Code: 51999 (US$19.99)
UPC: 6 56629 00876 9
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DLTW Case Front
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DLTW Case Rear
click to zoom
DLTW Disc Face


Grain Free Shopping and Eating Guide
(SAEG) DVD media detail
ISBN: 978-1-4019-4784-2
ISBN Price Code: 51999 (US$19.99)
UPC: 6 56629 00878 3
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SAEG Case Front
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SAEG Case Rear
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SAEG Disc Face


The Wheat Belly Revolution (TWBR) DVD media detail
ISBN: 978-1-4019-4797-2
ISBN Price Code: 51999 (US$19.99)
UPC: 6 56629 00877 6
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TWBR Case Front
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TWBR Case Rear
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TWBR Disc Face

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