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Forming Local Member Support Groups

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Posted: 2/1/2016 9:21:56 PM
To All:

I recently have been seeing forum references to and receiving private messages about starting local Cureality support groups.  This had been done sporadically and in an ad hoc fashion with TYP Members in the past in different cities but not in any official or continuing fashion.

The discussions to date largely centered around the significant work involved in simply developing guidelines for any program not to mention how to roll it out nationally or even worldwide.  Someone suggested, "Why not simply do some research and prototyping of a support group in the Milwaukee area since that is where you and Doc D reside?"

I am offering to do just that because I believe such groups would be the perfect adjunct to the new book Doc D is working on.  Anyone interested in meeting in the Milwaukee area (you decide how far you want to travel) to brainstorm, informally at first, can private message me.  I'll create an e-mail list we can use to develop mutually agreeable dates, times, and locations to meet.  My schedule is fairly flexible and it is the best chance we have to involve Doc D (on those occasions when he is both in town and available on a given meeting date).

Feel free to reply here or private message me.  There is just something about face to face meetings that can't be duplicated on Facebook (although a private Facebook page makes sense as well).  I can envision such groups as providing much more than just informal meetings and could grow to something more substantial over time given sufficient attention and resources.