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Bob Niland

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Join Date: 7/7/2014
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Posted: 12/4/2015 7:32:05 PM
Edited: 12/26/2019 11:06:07 AM (277)
Personal Reference Links

Personal Reference Links

Edition: 2019-12-26

This is just a list of links to articles I’ve written in various places that are related to Undoctored®, Wheat Belly® or Cureality topics. Most are in regular maintenance, and several are relied on to answer frequently-asked blog questions.

All of these represent my personal opinions, and none speak officially for Dr. Davis, Undoctored®, Cureality or Wheat Belly®.

Many articles have links to Wheat Belly Blog
articles and comments that may be inaccessible
to blog non-subscribers. Few have so far been
re-tagged to caveat on that.

CR: Cureality
UIC: Undoctored Inner Circle
WBB: Wheat Belly Blog
WFF: Wheat Free Forum (all articles formerly there now hosted here)
Administrative Edition Status
UIC: About me  2019-12-14 Public
UIC: Forum Abbreviations (as UIC page)  2017-08-15 Public
UIC: Blogs, How to Use  2018-09-04 Public
UIC: Edit Aide: Forum Special Characters  2019-12-26 Members Only
UIC: Edit Aide: Forum File Upload Steps  2017-05-30 Members Only
UIC: Edit Aide: Insert a Link in a Topic or Reply  2019-03-03 Members Only
UIC: Forum Features Wish List  2019-09-05 Members Only
UIC: Forum “Ignores” Feature  2017-06-22 Members Only
UIC: Program Reference Documents  2018-02-18 Public
UIC: Video Meet-Up Tips  2019-01-18 Members Only
Forum Stickies (as username Reference) Edition Status
UIC: Fish Oil Quick Reference  2018-08-08 Public
UIC: Gut Flora Resource Overview  2018-05-04 Public
UIC: Iodine Quick Reference  2019-08-04 Public
UIC: Magnesium Quick Reference  2018-09-15 Public
UIC: Thyroid Optimization Quick Reference  2019-09-28 Public
UIC: Vitamin D Quick Reference  2018-11-12 Public
Ailments Edition Status
UIC: Ruminations on Cancer  2018-09-06 Public
UIC: Weight Loss Stall?  2018-03-08 Public
Book Reviews Edition Status
UIC: Bredesen’s “The End of Alzheimer’s”  2019-12-17 Public
UIC: Lins’s “The Dental Diet”  2019-03-08 Public
UIC: Walker’s “Why We Sleep”  2019-04-27 Public
UIC: Warren-Amen-Hyman: “The Daniel Plan”  2018-02-05 Public
Circadian Edition Status
UIC: Blue Light at Night Circadian Hazard  2017-12-03 Public
UIC: Sleep Tips  2019-04-28 Public
Nutrition Edition Status
UIC: Adapt and Primal Kitchen Bars  2017-06-10 Public
UIC: Deconstructed: an Almondmilk  2018-03-18 Public
UIC: Child Nutrition (draft)  2018-11-13 Members Only
UIC: Coffee Contemplations  2017-08-06 Public
UIC: Corn (aka Maize, and including Teosinte)  2016-12-06 Public
UIC: Exogenous Ketones  2017-08-31 Public
UIC: Heirloom wheats  2014-12-06 Public
UIC: Honey  2016-12-06 Public
UIC: Warning: Gluten Free  2016-12-07 Public
UIC: Gut Flora: The Natural Reservoirs Question  2019-01-30 Public
UIC: Stealth Sources of Omega 6 Linoleic Acid  2018-08-26 Public
UIC: Prebiotic Fiber Sources  2017-08-13 Public
UIC: Quest Bars  2017-01-17 Public
UIC: Salt, Doctored and Undoctored  2018-10-11 Public
UIC: Supplement Central (draft)  2017-05-21 Public
UIC: Vegetarian, Doing Undoctored as  2017-06-31 Public
UIC: Wheat Rap Sheet, The  2016-08-12 Public
UIC: Yogurt Reactor, Ad-Hoc  2018-10-18 Public
Health Policy Edition Status
UIC: AHA Tiptoes Toward Lower Carb  2016-08-24 Public
UIC: Drinking Water and Non-Native Halogens  2016-12-11 Public
UIC: A Domestic RO Water System  2018-09-11 Public
UIC: Finding A Doctor  2017-05-16 Public
UIC: A GMO perspective  2017-12-02 Public
UIC: A Lay Review of the AACCI “Analysis”  2016-12-07 Public
UIC: What’s Up With My Doctor  2018-03-30 Public
UIC: Wheat Belly Total Health: the PBS Videos  2016-04-05 Public
Labs & Meds Edition Status
UIC: Undoctored Suggested Labs  2017-10-01 Public
UIC: LDL: To C or not to C  2019-09-29 Public
Statins, Undoctored, and Me
Remarks on the HOPE-3 Trial
Remarks on CAC vs. statin paper
Recipes Edition Status
UIC: Cheddar Crackers  2018-04-26 Public
UIC: Home Carbonation for Magnesium Water  2018-10-06 Public
Skin Care Edition Status
UIC: Body Odor? Don’t Sweat It  2015-07-30 Public
Possibly Unserious Edition Status
UIC: All Natural Free Range Low Cal Hand Waving  2017-06-10 Public
WBB: The Dark Side of Wheat Belly?  2013-06-23 WB Members
WBB: Flash in the Pan Fad Diet?  2011-11-27 WB Members

Bob Niland [disclosures] [topics] [abbreviations]

Tags: Boundless


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Posted: 12/5/2015 10:33:57 AM
Actually Bob, my favorite post of yours is the "B.O." post.  I was wondering if you had any further experience with AObiome or Mother Dirt.


Bob Niland

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Join Date: 7/7/2014
Posts Contributed: 8842
Total Likes: 1311
Recommends Recd: 6
Certs & Awards: 39   view

Likes Recd: 1
Posted: 12/5/2015 6:22:04 PM
Edited: 7/22/2017 10:48:28 AM (2)
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