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August 15, 2014________ 1800 mg/dl Fish Oil's EPA___Some Caveats,____Plaque Stabilization

Member Forum >> UnKnown >> August 15, 2014________ 1800 mg/dl Fish Oil's EPA___Some Caveats,____Plaque Stabilization


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Posted: 8/27/2014 8:08:05 PM

1800 mg/dl EPA.

Over the last 12-18 months CAC88 have presented several threads of various New Technologys for Arterial Scanning.
Understanding Morphology of Plaque.

Including...    OCT or Intervascular Optical Coherence Tomography

Thus the TYP forum can now appreciate and understand this new Study.

August 15, 2014


Why did LDL needed to be under 100 mg/dl.

What would happen if added 1800 mg/dl DHA inkind.

Obviously Mainstream Medical Specialist would insist Saturated Fat Intake in ACS, STEMI patients be low.  Note cohort corresponding LDL under 100 mg/dl.

Figure 3.   Those with Thicker Plaque Cap before 1800 EPA did not improve as much as those with thin plaque cap. Especially when Plaque Cap was under 150.

Why do Traditional Paleo Eating Aleutian and Remote East Greenland Inuits(2500 miles apart) with 5000 mg/dl EPA+DHA, 25(OH)d level 64, 70-80% Energy as Fat mostly Sat Fats, very very low carbs have:

Very Severe High Level YKL-40 Arterial Inflammation

Full-size image (22 K)


Fig. 1. Prevalence of coronary heart disease (AP + self-reported MI + ECG defined MI) with 95% CIs among Greenland Inuit.

Can DHA have counter affects to EPA.

Can High Sat Fats have Counter Affects.

The Japanese Cohort in the 1800 EPA OCT Scanning study likely consummed lots carbs. Including Wheat. But low in Sat Fats.
We can confirm this by Contacting the Study's Authors.

Note Table 2. Japanese Researchers respects Omega 6 Fatty Acid AA.   They consider Omega 6 LA as Heart Healthy(omega 6 LA tofu, omega 6 LA  Nuts, etc)
Note bottom left chart below. With high O6 Linoleic Acid...   ACS decreased by 20 x folds.  Would imagine Plaque Cap must have gotten very, very thick(?)

The AA Fatty Acid is very high in Red Meats, Tallow, Lard, Organ meats. Note Omega6 AA middle right chart below.
With high AA Omega 6...    ACS can increase near 10 x folds.

By Many, Many, Many Studies... Japanese Medical Researchers focuses on EPA/AA ratio.

Figure 2

Note above charts. Bottom Left Linoleic Acid. Middle Right U-shaped Arachidonic Acid AA.


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