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Important Info on Forum Replies on TYP and Cureality

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Posted: 5/3/2014 9:38:19 PM
To All:

Cureality is now in it's "soft launch" phase as we ring out the features.  It is largely complete except for some tweaking on the "Health Coach" feature.

The two sites share several common databases including the forum but there are some important differences.

1. We have begun the gargantuan task of segregating topics by their "Health Track."  For example, TYP topics that appeared in one of the TYP heart forums but are specifically about diabetes appear in the Diabetes Health Track Forum and not the Heart Health Track Forum.

2. Virtually all (but not precisely all) of the topics in the TYP forums appear in the Cureality Forums (segregated by Health Track).  Replies to these topics will still appear in the TYP forums.  However, new topics created in Cureality will not appear in the TYP forums.

The takeaway message hear is that we recommend that everyone begin using the Cureality Forums.  They are more feature rich and, more importantly, will expose all of us to a wealth of new knowledge and perspective from a whole segment of people who would never have naturally gravitated to TYP.  Moreover, it will provide the opportunity for the highly erudite crowd at TYP to "strut your stuff" as you share the knowledge and insight gained through years of participation at TYP with a whole new wave of people eager to gain the health advantages that are second nature to most of us!