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Cureality Forum in Beta Test for all interested

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Posted: 9/17/2013 9:41:21 AM
Edited: 9/17/2013 9:43:19 AM (1)
To All:

Even though Doc Davis' new website is still in deep development I have made it a priority to get the new forum online so it can be beta tested.  The interface is complete enough so that it is can do everything this forum can do plus provide many of the new features we have discussed.

You can "test drive" the Cureality Forum at or simply go to and select "Forum" from the "Cureality Community" dropdown menu.  Feel free to browse but I would caution that nothing you see there should be construed as a final product.  It is simply a semi-functional development site.

The Forum is similar in architecture but with a more streamlined look.  Also everything you do there is stored in the same database as this forum and appears in both forums.  Essentially, this forum and the Cureality forum are "windows" into the same collection of posts.  The difference is there is access to new features and information that does not appear on the TYP Forum.  Here is a review of those items.

The first thing you will notice is an enhanced "poster statistics" section beneath the poster nickname and avatar.

Join Date: Gives an idea of how new a Member in order so posters know the level of detail necessary to effectively communicate.  Members who have recently joined may need more background and detail in posts than those who have been around for years.

Posts Contributed: The old "Frequent Poster Rating" was simply not granular enough to reflect the broad range of posting frequency at TYP.  We never imagined the response we would receive.  Heck, you became a "Master Contributor" after 16 posts!

Post Likes: Tied to our new "Liking" tool, this reflects the total number of Likes your posts have received.  This could be 100 likes of one post or 1 like of 100 posts.  Think of Posts Contributed as a quantity measure and Post Likes as a quality measure.

Certs & Awards: Cureality will have a feature tied to the Cureality College area where certifications and other awards will be issued.  The idea is (as an example) to present short courses on heart health areas (like Basic Lipoproteins) in a programmatic way and then offer tests on the material.  In this way Members (especially newer Members) have a method to systematically acquire knowledge and demonstrate their proficiency.  Think of this as a way demonstrating that you have a least minimal background in an area of discussion.  Realistically, all current TYPers should have no trouble passing these tests and acquiring these certs.  This feature is not yet implemented yet but there is a "test" test on Basic Lipids out there to give you a flavor of how it MIGHT work.  Note, it is not meant to be scientifically correct (yet) and is simply there to provide a "development sandbox" and  proof of concept.

Recommends Recd: This is the simply the current number of Member recommendations you have received as mirror the current forum feature.

Ignores Issued: This statistic appears only on the original topic post but not on replies.  In a twist on the old banning feature, it serves the purpose of indicating how restrictive the subsequent replies will be by divulging the number of Members the topic poster prevents from replying.

Post Likes: Indicates the number of "Likes" the topic or reply has received.  It is, again, a more granular way to acknowledge specific posts, as well as posters, as useful to you.  To Like a post, simply click the Like button to the right of Like total.  You cannot Like your own posts nor may you like any specific post more than once.

Last Edit: If a post is edited, the date of the last edit will appear to the right of the original post date.  A number will also appear to the right of the Last Edit date which indicates the total number of times the post has been edited.

That is the list so far.


P.S.  It is always a good idea to tag you posts. It's easy, just type in an appropriate word in the "Custom Tags" box beneath the post editor.  A list of similar existing tags will appear you can simply click on or continue typing your own custom tag then press the Enter button on your keyboard.  You can enter as many tags as you feel are needed.