Sun green tea

Here's a great way to enjoy the health benefits of green tea during the summer: sun green tea.

I dropped two green tea bags into approximately one-half gallon of cold water in a clear glass jar. I placed the jar in the sun (with top on) for four hours, then brought it into the kitchen. I served it as iced tea with a slice of lemon and mint leaf.

The sun green tea was a smoother than standard green tea brewed with hot water. Ordinarily, if you brew hot green tea for more than 3-5 minutes, it becomes more bitter or tannic. This sun green tea, despite steeping for four hours, was not the least bit bitter or tannic.

The green tea lasted well for about 48 hours, more than enough to enjoy several glasses per day.

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  • Eric

    7/21/2011 1:53:59 AM |

    Isn't there some bacteria that grows in sun tea?

  • Shreela

    7/21/2011 2:41:53 AM |

    I believe Eric is correct, although sinus problems tell me not to search for it right now LOL
    Try overnight tea in the fridge instead.

  • Againstthegrain

    7/21/2011 6:46:21 AM |

    I have to agree with Shreela, as I have had the misfortune of drinking sun tea that had been at room temp for too long during warm weather.  Steep and store the tea cold in the fridge and discard it after two or three days if it isn't consumed, or at the first sign of anything floating in the tea.  The bacteria that grows in tea brewed at room temp (or warmer) can cause an unpleasantly strong attack of the "runs".  

    More info about this issue:

  • Joe E O

    7/21/2011 11:28:19 AM |

    Dr. Davis care to comment:

    Study: Boosting Good Cholesterol With Niacin Did Not Cut Heart Risks:

    Joe E O

  • Kent

    7/21/2011 3:10:50 PM |

    Joe E O,  I would investigate the numerous other studies that have proven the effectiveness and benefits of Niacin, before dicounting it due to skewed and flawed study you reference. Keep in mind that anytime something shows benefit over the Statin Machine, it is going to have a full out assault launched against it.

  • Randy

    7/21/2011 3:18:29 PM |

    Also good with a couple of mint tea bags thrown with the green tea. Safeway Select is very good.

  • Randy

    7/21/2011 3:19:55 PM |

    Is a warm or cold extraction as effective at pulling the antioxidants out of the tea and into the water?

  • Chris B

    7/21/2011 5:58:35 PM |

    I would second the refrigerator tea suggestion over sun tea.
    Also, the reason green tea can be bitter so often is that does not like water as hot as black tea and if it is brewed with the same boiling water, that is too hot for it. If you try letting it cool just a little first or not quite get to boiling, you will get a better brew. There are sites out there that will tell you proper temperatures, but I generally don't feel like pulling out the thermometer so I usually just wing it.

  • Againstthegrain

    7/31/2011 9:41:24 PM |

    Dr. Davis,

    Most of the time, brewing tea in the sun will probably be fine, especially if the tea is consumed quickly and stored in the refrigerator.  But there definitely is *potential* for problems, especially when brewing during warmer weather or prolonged storage time out of the refrigerator.  That's what happened with one batch I made a couple summers ago -  I kept the pitcher on the counter for a few days due to lack of refrigerator space, adding ice to chill the tea when I filled my glass (or just drinking the tea at room temp).  I had at least three tea refills before I connected the tea consumption to the frequent "just-in-time" trips to the loo that day.  Upon further inspection, the tea had a slightly cloudy appearance, with a large thing floating in it.    The runs stopped after I dumped the tea and switched to drinking water.  

    Now when I "cold-brew" tea I either make it in on the counter during cooler weather or in the refrigerator during warmer weather, never in the sun where the water will become warm.  I dump leftover tea after a few days if it isn't consumed, and I thoroughly wash the container.

  • Yvonne

    8/2/2011 9:38:14 AM |

    I think I'll make the sun tea the same way Dr. Davis did, so as to get that smooth green tea flavor; but I'll add the lemon to the brewed tea after I remove it from the sun (to boost its natural acidity), and decant it in smaller jars in the refrigerator. Thanks for this recipe, Dr. Davis!