Calling all super-duper weight losers!

Have you lost at least 1/2 your weight, e.g., 300 lbs down to 150 lbs? If you have, I have a major national magazine editor looking to talk to you.

If you have gone wheat-free and/or followed the dietary advice offered here in The Heart Scan Blog or through the Track Your Plaque program and would be willing to share your story, please let me know by commenting below. While losing half your body weight is not necessarily a requirement for health, it makes an incredibly inspiring story for others.

If we use your story, I will set aside a copy of my soon-to-be-released book, Wheat Belly.

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  • John Phillip

    7/9/2011 3:48:38 PM |

    Hi Dr. Davis:

    I have been a follower of your blog for a number of years now.  It ha been an inspiration as i have fought to regain my health over the past 9 years.

    After suffering a mild MI in 2002 and being diagnosed as diabetic, I was placed on the standard allopathic protocol of statins, Ace inhibitors/beta blockers and low-fat diet. Needless to say, they didn't help me.  I did manage to lose weight, but blood sugar and blood pressure remained problematic.

    In 2005, I realized from doing extensive research on sites such as yours that eliminating all refined carbs, sugars and trans fats was the key to my success. I have lost 180 pounds and maintain a weight of 165 lbs. with a height of 6' 1". I am 53 years old, and definitely feel younger than I was in my 30's.

    I supplement with fish oil and DHA, vitamin D and a number of other nutrients to provide a baseline of building blocks to help my cells regenerate and avoid chronic disease. Eliminating wheat is the most significant element in regaining my health and dramatically lowering risk form a second heart attack.

    I would enjoy discussing my journey, and thank you for all your dedicated work.

  • NoGlutenEver

    7/10/2011 9:45:59 PM |

    Any updated information on heartscans in people who've already had a bypass, a 4x bypass?  Would a scan yield any useful info?

  • Justin Willoughby

    7/11/2011 8:08:11 PM |

    I am new to your website, and I am interested in it. I once weighed 800 pounds, and am now down to 215 pounds. You can check my website for more information.

  • Dr. William Davis

    7/12/2011 12:24:42 PM |

    Hi, John--

    Fabulous results!
    Could you provide contact info here:
    I appreciate your help on this. It will make a fascinating story!

  • Dr. William Davis

    7/12/2011 12:26:45 PM |

    Hi, Justin--

    However, I am looking for stories in which elimination of wheat was the principal strategy. Is this what you did to lose the 600 lbs (!!!)?

  • Might-o'chondri-AL

    7/14/2011 4:40:07 AM |

    All I get is "500 Internal Server Error" when try to comment.

  • Might-o'chondri-AL

    7/14/2011 4:43:40 AM |

    Web site server is no good at all ... previous thread rejected my comments more than twice on several days, so I tried this thread and post came right through.
    Doc - you are not getting your moneys worth despite your page looking pretty .

  • Might-o'chondri-AL

    7/14/2011 4:53:20 AM |

    Just went back to previous thread to try and post since see 2 above went through and got the same "server error"  boot a couple of minutes after my 2 above. Something not working right here.

  • Dr. William Davis

    7/15/2011 1:48:11 PM |

    Sorry, Might. Still working out glitches.
    I will discuss with IT people.

  • Felix Jaber

    7/17/2011 7:49:41 PM |

    Dr. Davis
    I have been batling weight for my whole life and by the age of 45 I weighted 290 lbs and was a heavy drinker until I quited drinking and started exercising with a low fat mid protein and high carb diet and due to the fact that I stoped drinking I started to loose weight also as the weight droped I exerciced more till the point that I started to train for a half Ironman there is where the fat lost stoped and I plateaued at 230 lbs and no matter how hard I trained I couldnt lose more and aproaching the half Ironman I even gained weight so shortly after finishing the race my coach sugested me to visit your blog and sent me the link of your post on wheat belly,
    that was like the turning poin of my life and shortly I was following your advices and trying to live a more primal life and practically becoming a caveman the results I lost 60 more pounds and gained a vitality like I have never experienced today after 6 more half Ironman races and 1 full Ironman I try to live wheat free and visit regularly your blog not to mention that I follow most of your blog roll!!!
    Everytime that I find myself eating wheat I feel terrible my inmune function suffers and I almost get sick I say almost as I haven't get sick in almost 2 yers that I have been following a mostly primal life and as I feel a sickness coming I just get back to being wheat free and low carb all around!!

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