About the Inner Circle

The Undoctored program got its start with the Wheat Belly experience that turned the nutritional world topsy-turvy but yielded health and weight loss success on a spectacular scale.

But there was more. People engaged in this process reported stories such as: “My doctor said that this lifestyle was dangerous and that I would have high cholesterol, heart disease, and nutritional deficiencies, but I did it anyway. I lost 57 pounds and 6 inches off my waist. I got off diabetes medications and my 6 drugs for blood pressure, cholesterol, acid reflux, and arthritis. I feel better, I look better, I’m happier and more energetic. When I showed my doctor what I had accomplished, he/she said it was an accident or just coincidence.” In other words, people succeeding in reversing hundreds of health conditions despite their doctors. It became clear that the Wheat Belly experience provided a process to regain slenderness and health that was breathtakingly effective and freed people from the blundering of the healthcare system.

Self-directed strategies are not only possible, but are essential for you to succeed in health—leave it up to the doctor and the healthcare system while you submit to their “care” and you are doomed to a life following their rules for their gain. The power you hold reaches far and wide into multiple aspects of your and your family’s health: cholesterol can be reduced without medication, blood pressure controlled, pre-diabetic blood sugars squelched. You can shed 30 pounds in a few weeks (since excess weight is a reflection of distorted health, not just a cosmetic issue), identify and correct thyroid problems, craft a program to prevent or reverse osteoporosis, amplify energy, all self-directed using resources that are within your reach, many of which you already have. You can share your experience with others, review the experiences of other like-minded people, and find new solutions to previously unsolvable problems, all without a doctor. And, as the new tools and revelations of this new age unfold, that is just the start.

"Healthcare is the system created to deliver the greatest revenue-generating
products and procedures to address illness, but not provide health."
Dr. William Davis
Author, Wheat Belly, Undoctored, Super Gut

In the Inner Circle, we take our self-directed health experience very seriously to achieve even greater health improvements, even more weight loss success, even higher levels of day-to-day functioning. The Infinite Health Program is based on the principle that health is something you can achieve on your own, not through prescriptions drugs, doctors, or hospital procedures. The Infinite Health Program program gets you started on a path that frees you from hundreds of health conditions and prescription drugs, accomplishes impressive weight loss without counting calories, while helping you feel and look better than you have in years. We deliver the Infinite Health message through books, the Infinite Health online community, the Inner Circle for a deep-dive into all things health and youthfulness-related, and learning programs, Infinite Health puts all the tools of health and youthfulness to work:



Public ignorance in health was the rule in 1950, but rapid dissemination of information in our age has usurped the lopsided healthcare relationship, making the paternalistic doctor-patient relationship of the past outdated. You now have access to the same information as your doctor. The newly leveled playing field of information means that a new clinical study read by your neurologist or gynecologist is available to you with a few mouse clicks. The cult-like, guarded monopoly over health information is long gone, replaced by immediate, widespread information accessible to everyone. The resources available to us have exploded. And they continue to increase at an exponential rate. Infinite Health helps you navigate this explosion of information.


What if we combined the newly-found informational freedom provided by search capabilities of the Internet, harness the human feedback tool of social media, take advantage of the boom in direct-to-consumer testing that circumvents the doctor, then throw in a little benign guidance from sources that do not seek to profit from providing it . . . you might just be on your way to wielding considerable authority over your own health. You’ll apply the methods unique to the Information Age, unconcerned with ritual, intimidation, and profit. And some pretty darned incredible things can happen: weight can melt away effortlessly, joint pain and skin rashes can recede, acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome symptoms can reverse within days, fibromyalgia and ulcerative colitis begin a powerful retreat, prescription medications become superfluous—all by sharing in a growing collective information exchange. Collaboration is therefore a cornerstone of the Infinite Health path. 

"I propose that people can manage their own health safely and responsibly and achieve results superior
to that achieved through conventional healthcare—not less than, not on a par with, but superior."
Dr. William Davis
Author, Wheat Belly, Undoctored, Super Gut

Home Health Tools

Technology is fueling the shift away from hospitals and doctors and into your kitchen, living room, bedroom, treadmill, and other personal spaces. Go to your nearest department store or pharmacy and you can purchase a home blood pressure monitor, blood sugar monitor, blood cholesterol monitor, body fat monitor, or blood oxygen monitor. You can wear a portable EEG monitor to manage stress. An assessment of cortisol hormone levels is just a few samples of saliva away, a full assessment of sex hormone status obtainable with a finger stic. You can quantify common, everyday activities such as tracking steps walked or calories expended, then graph your activity on a tablet. You can use a smartphone to monitor sleep phases and identify sleep disorders, perform an electrocardiogram, monitor something called heart rate variability to assess emotional states and health, assess and track nutritional intake. Can we put home health tools to use to empower health easily, effectively, and safely? Absolutely. We apply such tools in unique personal ways, ways not typically used in conventional healthcare, all part of the Infinite Health experience.

Address nutritional deficiencies If you had scurvy and developed bleeding gums, painful open skin sores, fatigue, damaged joints, and jaundice, would an intensive jogging program cure it? Would cutting back on fat make it better? Would a program of enemas provide relief?

If a specific nutritional deficiency exists such as scurvy from lack of vitamin C, the only way to reverse it, treat it, cure it, is vitamin C. Nothing else can take its place. The costliest drugs or high-tech medical procedures can’t replace it. You could buy the finest health insurance, take antibiotics for skin wounds, have an eroded hip joint replaced with a prosthesis by the world’s finest orthopedic surgeon, but the real cause was not addressed and health problems will continue. Scurvy is not among the deficiencies we address, but serves as an illustration of how pointless medical “treatments” are if a nutritional cause is not pinpointed and corrected. Despite the outward appearance of plenty in our society, most people have deficiencies of several nutrients. It is therefore critical to identify nutritional deficiencies that develop in modern people and correct them, rather than try to “treat” the consequences of deficiency. Your reward: magnificent improvements in health and weight loss.

The Infinite Health Program is NOT about Self-Diagnosis

Let ‘s be clear on what Infinite Health Program is not: it will not be a guide on how to self-diagnose diseases, nor will it be a pharmacopeia of over-the-counter treatments. You will see that the Infinite Health process flips the health equation around 180º by first restoring head-to-toe health in unexpected ways, reverses metabolic distortions, many of which you are probably unaware you had, as well as many overt health conditions. Only after this initial process do we veer off in other directions to explore diagnoses and treatments. We will discuss how to distinguish good information from bad, biased advice designed to squeeze more money out of you from safe and unbiased, and how adhering to a handful of basic ground rules keeps you on course.

Join the Infinite Health Revolution

Although the healthcare system is indifferent to real health outside of revenue-generating activities, never before has the volume of information and tools that could potentially be applied to health been greater. But the system is not equipped to provide such resources—nor does it care to—and deliver it to you and your family.

You have personal control—extraordinary control—over much of what is labeled “healthcare,” thereby rejecting what are largely efforts cleverly repackaged to generate revenues and control for healthcare insiders. Just as the wily mechanic at the local garage knows that the unsuspecting woman bringing in her Jetta because it’s making a funny noise can be convinced that a major overhaul is needed, so healthcare insiders persuade you that no simple change in diet, nutrient, or blood test can accomplish what an MRI, CT scan, endoscopy, laparoscopic surgery, or organ transplant could accomplish. But if you correct the handful of factors that allow such conditions to develop in the first place, those conditions will reverse in the majority of people. It can indeed be as simple as that.

This is the role that Infinite Health serves: a catalyst for change, a liberator from the bonds of helpless ignorance that allows conventional healthcare to thrive, a manifesto and map of the path to achieve something a lot better in health, as much of it without a doctor as possible.