Undoctored Inner Circle 30-Day Guarantee

Our 30-day guarantee affirms that if a Member does not find value in their Undoctored Inner Circle membership within the first 30 days, they may email us to receive a 100% refund - NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Please email us to request your refund.

Membership fees for the Undoctored Inner Circle appear as a charge from Track Your Plaque, the name of the first website published by Dr. Davis over 10 years ago. All subsequent membership websites published by Dr. Davis continue to operate under this company name.

Members may also unsubcribe to stop membership payments or resubscribe at anytime using the following steps.

1. Log into your account at

2. Click the “My Account” link at the top of any page.

3. Click the “Update Credit Card or Cancel/Restore Membership” link on the navigation bar beneath the "My Account" heading.

4. Check the “Cancel Membership Payments” checkbox to deactivate your account.

5. Click the “Update Credit Card and/or Membership Status” button.

The message “Your Credit Card changes have been saved” will appear in red at the top of the display. You may also reactivate your membership at your discretion by unchecking the “Cancel Membership Payments” checkbox and clicking the “Update Credit Card and/or Membership Status” button again.