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WBB: An announcement from Wheat-Free Market founder, Gary Miller

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Posted: 2/15/2020 4:47:00 PM

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2020-02-15 on the Wheat Belly Blog (⇩cite). | PCM forum 🛈Index of WB Blog articles.

Note: before selecting any monk fruit sweetener blend, be sure to check for current program advice on ⚠erythritol. Also, the main WFMF site is generally down at present, with the Virtue product being sold at

An announcement from Wheat-Free Market founder, Gary Miller

photo: package of Virtue sweetener

Wheat-Free Market is changing!

When we launched in 2013, none of the products we offered were available on the market. As the wheat- and grain-free movement expanded into the mainstream, grain-free products such as pizza crusts and cereals became available in local, even big box, stores.

We have therefore made the difficult decision to focus only on our most promising products going forward, the Virtue line comprising our Virtue Sweetener and Prebiotic Mixes. As a business, we realized that the time and resources spent on producing our numerous other grain-free products, especially as such a small company, were taking away from our ability to grow what we view as our most value-added and popular products.

It has been hard for me to let the other products go because I know many of our loyal customers have been enjoying them for years. Furthermore, I started this company to support the grain-free lifestyle and have been an evangelist in this healthy movement. But we came to a fork in the road and ultimately had to make this tough decision. Down the road we may occasionally bring back some of our other products on an “until sold out” basis, but for now we are excited to focus on our new direction.

The good news is you will start to see a lot more of our fantastic sweetener and prebiotic mixes, the hallmarks of our company. Virtue Sweetener, our number one seller, remains the best tasting non-caloric and natural sweetener available, as well as the most economical. Please help us spread the word and we hope to continue to earn your business.


The original WBB post was found on the: ⎆Infinite Health Blog when this mirror was last revised, but accessing it there requires an unnecessary separate blog membership. The copy of it above is complete, and has been re-curated and enhanced for the Inner Circle membership.

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