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WBB: Susan: New lessons learned on celiac disease

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Posted: 2/8/2020 8:36:00 AM

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2020-02-08 on the Wheat Belly Blog (⇩cite). | PCM forum 🛈Index of WB Blog articles.

Susan: New lessons learned on celiac disease

photos: Susan before | after

Susan shared her Wheat Belly/Undoctored success story previously, a story of impressive changes in health and weight loss despite the fumbling of numerous doctors over the years. But Susan’s experience also highlights just how meticulous she had to be with wheat/grain/gluten avoidance, given her eventual celiac diagnosis:

Just finished chapter 6 in the new Updated and Expanded Wheat Belly book. I take my time so I absorb everything. Chapter 6 addresses celiac disease which I have.

“It used to be that I would get contaminated from getting tiny bits of gluten in food or getting exposed to flours when people were baking near me, or eating nuts processed on shared equipment with wheat products, or in meds, shampoos, cosmetics, lip balm, you name it. I can’t go in cereal or bread aisles without coughing. I avoid them.

“When I used to get exposed, it brought on the most excruciating gut pain you can imagine. I wanted to die. I would get diahrrea, arthritic joint pain, fatigue, and would feel bad for at least two weeks. I had to finally say ‘No More’!!

“So I started making all the food I eat, got new pans and baking utensils. New cutting boards. No kissing my partner if he’d eaten wheat. (He’s now been grain-free for several years). No kissing my elderly parents except on their forehead. No kissing my grandchildren. Washing my hands vigorously if I touched someone’s hands after they ate wheat products. Not setting my glass of water on a table near crackers, etc. or where someone standing there eating a cracker could drop crumbs into my glass. I don’t take meds, but when I did I would have the pharmacist question the manufacturer. I do the same for shots. And to ease my friends’ minds when they invite me for dinner I tell them I’ll bring my food (and now my partner’s food also) and tell them we’re really easy to have as guests. Many times I bring part or all of the food to share.

“So thank you, Dr. Davis, for writing chapter 6 which is very thorough. It will educate people about the dangers people with celiac have to deal with. I used to be laughed at and considered crazy.

“Part of my family is now eating the same way I do which is great. But I still only eat what I make and on my own dishes and with my own utensils. Cheers!”

Susan learned that meticulous avoidance was necessary to regain control over her health. Not everyone has to be as meticulous as Susan. But, if you, too, are experiencing residual issues despite wheat/grain elimination, you should also ask whether you are among the people who are also exquisitely sensitive to grain residues.

What is truly sobering about Susan’s experience is just how little it takes from a wheat/grain exposure—kissing someone?!—to provoke a reaction. It is a reminder of just how toxic grains can be for some people in such seemingly minor quantities.

The original WBB post was found on the: ⎆Infinite Health Blog when this mirror was last revised, but accessing it there requires an unnecessary separate blog membership. The copy of it above is complete, and has been re-curated and enhanced for the Inner Circle membership.

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