You mean weight loss is hazardous to your health?

In my last Heart Scan Blog post, What is this wacky thing called weight loss?, I discussed how weight loss is associated with distortions in cholesterol and blood sugar values that can be very confusing, often leading your doctor to wrongly and unnecessarily prescribe drugs--since he/she likely rarely sees weight loss.

Blog reader, Donald K., posted his enlightening story:

I experienced this very thing.

After losing serious weight from the eliminating wheat, processed, and sugary foods (1 year in total) I lost 130 pounds. When I was nearly finished I went to see my doctor. He wanted to put me on statins. I explained to him how the data does not support application to me (no evidence of heart disease) and I got the mantra about standards of practice, etc, etc. I held my ground and decided I am much happier eating dairy, eggs, grass fed beef, wild caught fish, and as much raw foods (nuts, veggies, fruits) as my body desires to treat my health parameters.

Maintaining weight, it is easy. My BMI (23 down from 40) has remained constant for a few months now. You are right: metabolic processes definitely change. I no longer have sensations of glucose fluctuations or an uncontrolled appetite. I can only imagine the improved hormone regulation and metabolic communication going on inside my body.

The symptoms from obesity, all gone. Goodbye sleep apnea, hypertension, hemorrhoids, arrhythmias, gastroinestinal disruptions, smelly body, chaffing thighs, and others not mentioned. The positive effects are just as dramatic, but I don’t want to ramble on.

Weight loss? What is it? Getting your life back!

Brace yourself: If you are following the nutrition advice posted here and in the Track Your Plaque program, or the discussion I've initiated in Wheat Belly, then you may find yourself in the very same health predicament as Donald. Arm yourself to protect yourself against the drug-wielding ways of doctors. No, weight loss to achieve ideal weight is definitely not bad for health. But your doctor's misinterpretation of its effects can be!

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  • Ari

    9/23/2011 2:11:44 PM |

    How would wheat and/or obesity and hemorrhoids relate?

  • Kent

    9/23/2011 3:25:49 PM |

    I have unique concern associated with my elimination of wheat.  I was already slim with low body fat and when I cut the wheat I dropped another 20 pounds.  I look almost unhealthy I got so skinny with the sunken cheeks, etc.  I can eat and eat the good stuff along with drinking 6 tablespoons of olive oil a day and using ample cocounut oil.  Any suggestions?

  • Tim

    9/23/2011 9:12:52 PM |

    Dr. Davis, I know this may be off-topic a bit, but what are your views of sugar alcohols like Xylitol and Sorbitol?  If you'd care not to respond here, maybe you could have it as a future blog posting.  I'm just curious as to if you have any evidence of any mal-effects it may have on the body.


  • Joe

    9/24/2011 3:39:02 PM |

    Dr. Davis, Peter's got a fascinating post you think these bizarre varieties of wheat are damaging our mitochondria?

  • Dr. William Davis

    9/25/2011 12:07:46 AM |

    Peter is always great for some unique perspectives.

    I'll have to reflect on this particular line of argument.

  • Dr. William Davis

    9/25/2011 12:09:30 AM |

    Hi, Tim--

    The two sugar alcohols that are pretty benign, meaning minimal to no blood sugar effects and no diarrhea or cramps, are erythritol and xylitol.

    Mannitol and sorbitol and problem sweeteners with very different effects.

  • Dr. William Davis

    9/25/2011 12:12:14 AM |

    Hi, Kent--

    Eat more!

    Eat more avocados, oils like olive, olives, vegetables, raw nuts, cheese, etc. Eat more real food.

    Note that the weight loss develops without cutting calories!

  • Dr. William Davis

    9/25/2011 12:13:13 AM |

    Hi, Ari--

    Hmmm. Not sure.

    That relationship might be a bit of a stretch.

  • Donald Kjellberg

    9/25/2011 10:18:38 PM |

    Here is how they relate: Consider the relief from having 130 pounds removed from your body while sitting. That is a lot of extra pressure on the veinous system in that area. In addition, with improved health you have a higher energy level and naturally find yourself sitting less. The end result, the factors triggering hemorrhoids have been removed and so have the hemorrhoids.

  • Dr. William Davis

    9/26/2011 12:36:08 PM |

    Excellent, Donald!

    A powerful, but indirect, connection I had forgotten about.

  • Jake Billotti

    3/13/2014 6:17:15 AM |

    Dr. aren't wheat a good source of proteins and fibre