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  • Jim Purdy

    11/21/2009 11:36:58 AM |

    I've already been an angioplasty victim ... excuse me, I mean angioplasty patient ... and doctors want me to go through a second angiomutilation ... I mean angioplasty.

    Ain't no way they're gonna do that to me again. Even though they would get big bucks from my insurance.

  • TedHutchinson

    11/22/2009 3:42:13 PM |

    Angioplasty is being promoted as a cure for Multiple Sclerosis Based on Paolo Zamboni's work.
    Free download here
    Venous Collateral Circulation of the Extracranial Cerebrospinal Outflow Routes
    Candian TV program on the subject.
    The Liberation Treatment: A whole new approach to MS

    I'd be very interested to know if any Track Your Plaque users have MS and whether they have seen improvements in venous blood flow and reduction of MS progression as a result of the program.

    Higher levels of vitamin D may well have an impact on the damaging consequences of iron.
    By raising adiponectin levels would vitamin D improve bloods anti coagulating properties?
    High omega 3 intake should improve blood flow.
    Would Niacin also act as a vasodilator and improve blood flow?

  • shel

    11/22/2009 7:59:32 PM |

    "get that feeling of doing something"

    says it all...

  • Anonymous

    11/23/2009 9:12:30 AM |

    Angioplasty is not completely useless. As the poster points out "proven useless unless you are in the middle of a heart attack...". It can save lives in such cases.

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    11/3/2010 9:53:50 PM |

    Say someone switches to a high-potency preparation of 360 mg EPA and 240 mg DHA, providing a total of 600 mg omega-3 fatty acids per capsule, or twice the dose of the low-potency preparation. Would you expect double the effect?

  • Hetal Patel

    11/9/2010 12:43:07 PM |

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