Track Your Plaque data abstract

An extraordinary thing happened about 2 1/2 years ago.

While we have been following the Track Your Plaque program for coronary plaque regression for nearly 10 years, about 2 1/2 years ago we witnessed an extraordinary surge in success--bigger, faster, and more frequent drops in heart scan scores.

Up until then, we did witness significant reversal of coronary plaque by heart scan scores. We were planning to publish the data to validate this approach, but then . . .

Heart scan scores starting dropping not just 2%, or 8% . . . but 24%, 30%, 50% and more. Why? I attribute the surge in success to the addition of vitamin D.

Unfortunately, it also meant that the preceding 8 or so years of data lacked experience with supplementing vitamin D. The hundreds of participants in the Track Your Plaque program had not, until then, included vitamin D in their program.

So I decided to start from scratch (from the standpoint of data collection, not for the participants). That also meant that the preceding years of experience went unreported, though even that data far exceeded the results of what is achieved in conventional heart disease prevention.

Thus, the data I presented at the Experimental Biology Proceedings (FASEB 2008) in San Diego this week included only experiences in the group of participants that included vitamin D in their program, with data collected until mid-2007. The number of experiences is therefore modest.

However, the Track Your Plaque experience, as reported, far exceeds any prior experience in coronary plaque regression.

The full abstract will be published in the Track Your Plaque website.

Copyright 2008 William Davis, MD

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  • vin

    4/10/2008 3:45:00 PM |

    Could vitamin D be the magic bullet that cures heart disease? Not such good news for drug companies but good for everyone else.

  • King

    4/11/2008 3:42:00 AM |

    Are the >= & <= symbols correct in the data article?  (target fasting lipid values of: LDL cholesterol >= 60 mg/dl, HDL <= 60 mg/dl and triglycerides of >= 60 mg/dl and a serum level of 25-OH-vitamin D3 of <= 50 ng/ml)  Are they reversed from previous discussions or am I mis-reading them?

  • Dr. William Davis

    4/11/2008 11:54:00 AM |


    Thanks for catching that. The symobols are all indeed reversed. The abstract, curiously, was not submitted that way.

  • Bob

    4/11/2008 2:31:00 PM |

    I also noticed that Susie Rockway also did the following study:

    Short-term Changes in Lipoprotein Subclasses and C-reactive Protein Levels with the Low Carbohydrate and Low-Fat Diets
    Christy C Tangney, Colene Renee Stoernell and Susie W Rockway

    If I understood correctly, a low-carb diet appeared to be beneficial in reducing small LDL.

  • Anonymous

    4/12/2008 1:14:00 AM |

    Dr. Davis I know you answer very few of the comments anymore but I was just wondering if Dr. Agatston ha seen your findings and why is he still saying to this day that there is no such thing as calcium score reversal ?

  • Dr. William Davis

    4/12/2008 2:43:00 AM |

    You're right!

    Our full findings in the same group of people is due to be published in a journal this summer. I will forward it to Dr. Agatston.

  • Anne

    4/12/2008 12:31:00 PM |

    Dear Dr Davis

    I would love to read the full abstract of this. I bought the 'Track your Plaque' book just two months ago and had a heart scan which revealed that I did not have any coronary vascular calcification. I'm pleased I have the 'Track your Plaque' book as I feel that preventative medicine is important, and as much knowledge that we can have as possible is a good thing, but it would seem that this book is now out of date as there's very little in it on vitamin fact it isn't even in the index ! Still, I do not feel I can justify the additional expense of becoming a Track Your Plaque member just to read the full abstract and I can't see any other reason for me joining. Will you be publishing this abstract anywhere else ? Or will you at least write more about the importance of vitamin D on your blog sometime ? I entered how much I took in your survey !

    with kind regards,