The great food industry deception

I'd forgotten what a powerful report Peter Jennings and ABC News produced about the enormous deception perpetrated by the food industry and its effects on health until Dr. Joe Mercola posted the YouTube clips from the report on

(This is not meant to be an endorsement of everything Dr. Mercola has to say. He says lots of things; I agree with only a fraction of it. But this is a gem.)

Although made in 2004, the report remains every bit as relevant today as it was then. It concerns me deeply that, despite reports like this being broadcast to Americans, the obesity epidemic continues unabated. In fact, it's worse just in the short three years since then.

Be aware of what the food industry is up to. They intensively market high profit margin foods to us--and especially our children--to increase sales. As Jennings points out, the U.S. government (USDA) is, for a variety of reasons both good and bad, complicit with this massive deception. While many media reports continue to focus on lack of exercise as the root cause for the obesity epidemic, it is really the active and purposeful selling of processed junk foods to Americans that is principally to blame.

By the way, how many of these foods proudly boast the American Heart Association Check Mark of approval?

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  • Ben

    9/13/2007 10:46:00 PM |

    Unlike heart disease that can creep up on a person without external symptoms, everyone (excluding a very, very small percent of anomalies) gets direct feedback from their diet. Blaming the government, or subsidies, or corn, or companies, or advertising, or genetics or whatever other rationalizations, indulges delusion.

    Blame could be placed on lack of education, however most everyone (including children) knows that there is a nutritional difference between a cookie and a carrot.

    Control of your body (and your children’s body) and what you choose to put in it begins with you, not from the executive branch of government on down.