Another lipoprotein hurdle

A number of our Track Your Plaque Members have encountered unexpected difficulty obtaining the 2nd page of their NMR Lipoprofile lipoprotein results when their blood was drawn in a LabCorp laboratory. This is the page that displays the lipoprotein subclasses in graphic format: VLDL, IDL, LDL, and HDL subclasses.

If you are unable to view page 2, you're stuck with the averaged values displayed on page 1. In my view, page 1 is is a drastically "watered down" version that sacrifices some crucial information, particularly if you use NMR lipoprotein analysis in a serial fashion, comparing one study to the next over time.

Why would LabCorp do this? The response I received from a Mr. Theo McCormick, Director of Marketing at LabCorp, was some corporate-speak about . . . Actually, I'm not sure what he was saying. (Members can read the complete Track Your Plaque conversation in the Forum.)

In my view, withholding this information is none of their business. If you or your insurance company paid for the test, then the information is yours to view. This would be like saying that "Sure you paid for the blood test, but we decided that you really won't know what to do with it, so we're keeping it from you."

Please send your objections to the contact info below. Several of the Members who have participated in the Track Your Plaque Forum conversation have already done so. It can only help to add to the growing objections to this silly and unfair practice.

Alternatively, just boycott any laboratory associated with LabCorp. If they are capable of such ridiculous withholding of information, who knows what else these people do?

Contact info:

Theo McCormick, Director of Marketing
Laboratory Corporation of America
1904 Alexander Drive
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
Phone 919-572-7454 (Direct)
919-361-7700 Main
Fax 919-361-7149

Until we hear about some real action from them, please DO NOT USE ANY LABCORP LABORATORY.