Nutrition activist Mike Adams

I borrowed the above comic from the website of nutritionist, more properly nutrition activist and author, Mike Adams. His website,, was a pleasant surprise.

I was actually looking for some thoughts on pharmaceutical advertising and its pervasive and destructive effects and came across one of Adam's reports, Pharmaceutical television advertising is a grand hoax at The piece is a rant against the pharmaceutical industry's constant bombardment of the media, who have also been co-opted into their service, enticed by the enormous advertising revenues the drug industry brings.

But I was surprised to find an insightful, informative website on health issues, particularly healthy eating that rejects the manufactured food industry's intensive effort to persuade us to eat their products. While I don't agree with everything Adams has to say, his website provides some great food for thought. He also provides lots of downloadable information.

There's also some great laughs at his poke at the pharmaceutical industry with his Disease Mongering Engine at, in which you get to create your own diseases. I got a real kick out of this.

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  • JT

    6/22/2007 8:22:00 PM |

    Nice sight - I've enjoyed checking it out the last few days and expect that I'll make it a regular stop by to see the author’s latest writings.  

    It is outside of nutrition but in particular liked reading about LED lights.  I ordered a few of them.