More on erectile dysfunction

Several facts on erectile dysfunction and coronary plaque:

If you have erectile dysfunction, there's at least a 50% chance you also have coronary plaque.

If you have coronary plaque by a CT heart scan, there's a 50% chance you have erectile dysfunction.

If you have symptomatic coronary disease (chest pains, breathlessness, prior heart attack), there's a 90% chance you also have erectile dysfunction.

Coronary disease is characterized by a dysfunctional state of the "endothelium", or inner lining of the coronary arteries. Erectile dysfunction is characterized by dysfunction of the endothelium of the penile circulation. Same phenomenon, different territories. (There are other differences, of course, but the two conditions share this fundamental phenomenon.)

If you have any doubts about the physiologic effects of the supplement, l-arginine, just give it a try if you have erectile dysfunction. The erection enhancing effects alone should convince you that a genuine artery-dilating effect is exerted by this very powerful nutritional supplement.

If l-arginine fails by itself to restore full erectile capacity, there are additional strategies, both nutritional and medical, that you can consider.

Our newest Track Your Plaque Special Report on erectile dysfunction is coming out any day now.

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  • Anonymous

    5/15/2007 8:34:00 AM |

    Would you comment on this?

    Implication in contributing to risk of death from heart disease

    A recent Johns Hopkins study testing the addition of L-arginine to standard postinfarction treatment has implicated L-arginine supplementation with an increased risk of death in patients recovering from heart attack.[5] This study has been discussed in some detail in : "Reverse Heart Disease Now" by Stephen T Sinatra MD and James C Roberts MD, publ. Wiley 2006 ISBN 0-471-74704-1 at pp 111 -113.

  • Dr. Davis

    5/15/2007 11:46:00 AM |

    I actually posted a full discussion of this issue a few months back on the Track Your Plaque website ( I still believe what I said then:

    "Should we panic and stop l-arginine based on this report?

    Take a closer look.  We don’t think so. First of all, two of the deaths occurred months after l-arginine treatment was stopped. Two other deaths were due to infections and therefore likely unrelated to heart disease or l-arginine use. This leaves two deaths attributable to heart disease in the l-arginine group.

    "Numbers this small are likely to represent chance statistical effects, especially in view of the small size of the overall trial. In other words, in all likelihood, a larger study would have revealed more reliable numbers not as susceptible to chance effects.

    "What about all the other studies that have looked at l-arginine? We should view this one study in the context of all preceding experiences. No excess dangers have been observed in thousands of participants with coronary disease, angina, peripheral vascular disease, and heart failure over the last decade of investigation.4 Many of the participants with heart failure in these studies were sufferers of prior heart attack, just like the VINTAGE MI participants.

    "Let’s also not forget that l-arginine is a food substance. Do fish, chicken, eggs, and nuts also pose danger? Of course not.

    "As always, each study should be viewed within the broader context of the available scientific and clinical experience. The overwhelming experience, as well as common sense, suggests that the VINTAGE MI Trial is a statistical fluke."

    In other words, I find this so counter to all prior experiences that I think it's a fluke. But, of course, the pharmaceutical industry-friendly media make hay of such reports.

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    7/17/2008 3:39:00 AM |

    Absolutely agree with you dr Davis...

  • Roy

    9/5/2008 6:36:00 AM |

    Due to the rising competition in the ED drugs market arena, all the ED drugs are trying to target their customer base by harping on the advantages that they are having over their competitors. Hence you will find ED drugs that either talk about their lasting effects, their minimum side effects or the other benefits that they mete out apart from the cure of ED. Though these claims are not always false one should not completely sway away in these claims. A very good ED drug might also fail to suit a particular patient. ED drugs and in fact any drug should be had only on doctor’s advice.

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    10/18/2010 5:37:37 AM |

    sexual dysfunction such as ED or impotence can be treatable,some of them in the form of medicines, some in the form of specialized techniques, and some in the form of herbal supplements.

  • Natural ways to cure erectile dysfunction

    3/16/2011 4:04:30 AM |

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  • Jack Willson

    12/2/2013 4:02:01 PM |

    I am only 40. Started having problems about a year ago. Tried "herbal" remedies, was hit or miss, mostly miss. Also libido was on the down turn, I just didn't feel like I needed or wanted sex... Got a trial pack from with 6 pills. The first three I took worked perfectly. Took on empty stomach or at least one hour after a meal. Within an hour, took effect. Makes my face flush and nose run (common side effects) The fourth time I took it, I split the pill in half to see if it would work at lower dose (I was taking a 50mg dose) It works. Also, most of the time, it still has effects several hours after. Even up to the next morning if taken at night.