Are we a front for drug companies?

I was shocked recently when someone accused me and the Track Your Plaque website of being nothing more than a front for the drug industry, that we are promoting concepts with the hidden pharmacuetical agenda behind us.

Don't make me laugh. How in the world that kind of impression could be gotten from either the Heart Scan Blog or the Track Your Plaque website is beyond me.

But I occasionally do need to state explicity: We do not promote drugs, neither this Blog nor the Track Your Plaque website has ever sought nor been backed by pharmaceutical money. The only money that supports this website is our own and that from paying Track Your Plaque members.

In fact, I am quite proud of the unbiased content and commentary on both venues. I challenge anyone to point out how and where there is any suggested relationship to a hidden source of commercial backing. I assure you, there is none.

If I say a drug is worth you and your doctor considering, then I say so with a true belief in it, not because somebody or some company paid me to say so. If I say a drug stinks, I believe that too. If we use a specific supplement in the program, it's because we believe it truly adds value to a plaque-reversal program. We receive no money from drug, supplement, or other commercial interests to promote their products. Period.

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  • Anonymous

    5/1/2007 8:06:00 PM |

    You are so right, i cannot beleive that anyone would think that

  • Regina Wilshire

    5/2/2007 6:33:00 PM |

    It comes with the territory - chalk it up and keep writing!

  • Dr. Davis

    5/3/2007 12:41:00 AM |

    What bothers me is that, with so much health information in the world, it's becoming tougher and tougher to tell what's genuine and what's marketing, lies, or other just plain nonsense. But thanks for the encouragement.