Have you tried inulin yet?

If you haven't yet tried it to facilitate weight loss, it's really worth giving the new inulin-containing product, Fiber Choice "Weight Management", a try.

Recall (from a prior Heart Scan Blog) that inulin is a vegetable-based fiber found in celery, green peppers, etc. that, when exposed to water, expands to many times original volume. This simple phenomenon yields satiety--a feeling of fullness.

The manufacturer of the product has also added green tea, which has been shown in two small clinical studies to enhance weight loss, though by a different route.

We've been advising patients to chew two of the strawberry flavored tablets one hour before every meal (or with breakfast if you eat immediately in the morning). You'll be satisfied with less food and you'll experience less intense food cravings.

Though no one so far has achieved a huge drop in weight, it does seem to enhance a slow, gradual weight loss larger than achieved by diet and exercise alone. And it's very safe and inexpensive. If you give it a try to help you lose weight, let us know what kind of results you've obtained.