What if wheat products were illegal?

Imagine if anything made of wheat were illegal: bread, bagels, crackers, pasta, pretzels, donuts, Shredded Wheat cereal, Raisin Bran, pastry, cookies, cakes, cupcakes. . . Your grocery store would then be unable to carry any of these products.

How empty would the grocery store shelves be?

There would be very little. The stores would be filled instead with vegetables and fruits, meats, and dairy products. But aisle after aisle would be empty. There'd be no cereal aisle. There'd be no snack chip aisle. The ordinarily overcrowded bread shelves wouldn't be there.

Bakery? Nope, not there either. Pasta and noodles? Empty. How about cakes and pastries? Also gone.

Getting the picture? American groceries are dominated by wheat products. What would happen to your health and the health of your family if wheat were abruptly removed from your choices? Would you be less healthy?

No. In fact, your health would be hugely improved. You'd lose a significant quantity of weight. Extraordinary numbers of people would lose diabetic or pre-diabetic tendencies. Feelings of sluggishness, sleepiness, and moodiness would dissolve. Blood pressure would be reduced. The incidence of cancer, skin disease, and inflammatory diseases would plumet.

From a plaque control perspective, your HDL cholesterol would rise, triglycerides drop. Small LDL would improve dramatically.

The message: Slash wheat products from your diet. Yes, you'll miss the smell and taste of freshly baked bread. But you'll do it for many more healthy years. And you may do it without a 14 inch scar in your chest.

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  • bob kampmann

    5/11/2006 5:09:00 PM |

    Dr. Davis, I don't see many comments from readers on a day to day basis, but I want you to know I don't miss a word you have to say.

  • Nancy M.

    12/13/2006 2:28:00 AM |

    I love reading what you're saying about wheat.  I was just diagnosed with gluten intolerance and getting off wheat (all grains really) has changed my life in so many positive ways.  It has helped my brain, my intestines, my skin and hopefully it'll keep me from developing additional autoimmune diseases in the future!  

    I just wish it weren't so darned hard to live in the US today without having wheat pushed at you everywhere.

  • Dr. Davis

    12/13/2006 2:33:00 AM |

    On the positive side, I often regard gluten intolerance as a blessing in disguise, provided the diagnosis is made early. People I've met with gluten intolerance tend to otherwise be healthy and slender due to avoiding wheat products.